Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Renée Aberdam, philosopher, writer ->
Articles dealing with literary, esthetic, theatrical, psychological pedagogical question in Polish, Austrian, and French publications

Karel Absolon, University Professor ->
"Exploration der Hölle Perkarna", "Karst Moravien"

Guido Adler, Professor of Music ->
"Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich"

Maxime (Tagansky) Agapoff, Professor Criminology at the University of Belgrade ->
"Les examens psychométriques des gens decomandement de l'aviation militaire á Novi Sad" 1933

Jänis Akuraters, author, journalist ->
His complete works are totaling over 12 volumes (3O single books such as novels, short stories and poetry) in the Latvian language.

Alexander Albrecht, Director of Musical Studies, University of Bratislava ->
Songs, choral songs, an oratorium on the life of St. Mary, published by Tischer and Jagenberg, Cologne on Rhine

Issac Alcalay, Chief Rabbi of Yugoslavi ->
Essays on the history of the Jews in Serbia, 1926-1932

Apostol Alexandris, Member of Parliament ->
"La Questions Macedoninne", 1920

Nicola Alexiev, General Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Sofia, Bulgaria ->
"Religion in the light of Science" 1921; "Characteristic of the Razlog dialect", 1923

Janko Alexy, Artist, Painter, Writer ->
"Freedom", "Eastern", (Novels); and monographs on eastern slovakian famous painters

Otto Alscher, professor ->
"Ich bin ein Flüchtling", "Zigeuner", and "Tier und Mensch"

Andrew Andeades, Doctor of Law ->
A volume for the Carnegie Foundation on the economic consequences of the world war; "The Ionian Islands under the British Protectorate", 1907, and other books on eastern questions

Stefan Angeloff, Vetenary Doctor (Animal Doctor)
"Auftreten und Bekämpfung der Rinderpest in Bulgarien während des Balkankrieges 1912-1913", Berlin, 1917

Boris D. Angheloff, Engineer in charge of water service ->
"The Inundation of the River Mariza", "The Irrigations of the Plane", "Impressions on the Running Water and the Force of Suspension", 1926; "The Hydraulic Force of Rivers in Bulgaria", "The Inundations of the Low Danube", "The Oscillations of the Surface of the Black Sea", 1928

Anastase Aravantinos, Professor of Medicin ->
"Die Perkussion in der Bestimmung der Herzgrenzen", Berlin 1907

Otto Arnold, Manager of the "Anker Insurance Company", Aussig branch ->
plays: "Machinenmench", "Europa Glüht" performed at "Komödie" in Vienna; Lectures in Radio Vienna, Prague, Brno, and in the "Urania" in Vienna in 1932

Xenia Atanassievitsch, Lecturer at Belgrade University ->
"Philosophical Life of Yugoslavian Contemporaries", Sofia, 1930; "Hegel and the Yugoslavs", Prague, 1933; "Dimitrij Mihaltchew, the Bulgarian Philosopher", Belgrade, 1929

Mustafa Atif, Secretary of Agriculture, Turkey ->
"Turkish Revolution and the Question of Possession"

de Alsóterény Paul von Auer, Lawyer,Publicist ->
"Protection of National Minorities"; "Das Pariser Völkerbundabkommen"; "Problémes Danubies"

Jan Auerhan, Instructor, Charles University, Prague ->
"Tongue Minorities in Europe"; "Czechoslovak Minority in Yugoslavia"; and numerous other essays dealing with minority questions

Frantisek Autrata, Professor ->
"Czech Literature in Moravia", "Introduction to the Old Bohemian Grammar", author of a dictionary of German-Czech

Félix Avedik, Lawyer ->
"A Trip to Our Northern Kinsmen in Finland"; "The Armenians in Hungary"; "The Past and Present of the Armenians"

Eftim Baba, Pope of the Orthodox Church in Turkey ->
"History of the separation of the Two Orthodox Churches in Turkey", Istanbul, 1923

Michael Babits, Author ->
Editor of literary weekly, "Nyugat"; translations of Dante, Shakespeare and Baudelaire into Hungarian

Velimir Bajkitch, University Professor; Under-Secretary of State (retired) ->
Editor of the social economic magazine, "Narodna Blagostanje"

Majer, Samuel Balaban, Professor of Jewish History, University of Warsaw ->
collaborator to: Zeitschift für die Geschichte der Juden in Deutchland, Review for History of the Jews of Czechoslovakia

Anton Balla, Historian ->
"History of Liberalism", "History of Hungarian Parliamentarism", "History of the Last Century", 1930; "World History of Modern Times", 1933

Ignatius Balla, writer, journalist, ->
"The Romance of the Rothchilds", London 1913, "Il Duce per L'Ungheria" (a play)

(de Galantha) Arthur Balogh (de Galantha), publicist ->
25 books, of which the last is: "Der Internationale Schutz der Minderheiten", 1928

Elemér Balogh, Bishop of the Reformed Churches in Slovakia and Sub-Carpathian Russia ->
"History of the Huguenot Connections with Hungary"; "The Great Czech Influence on Hungary"

Tadeusz Banachiewicz, Professor of Astronomy, University of Cracow ->
Author of about 180 papers on astronomy and mathematics

Ilie Barbulescu, Professor ->
"Rélation des Roumaines avec les Serbes, les Bulgares, les Grécques et la Croatie", Iasi, Romania, 1912

Gustav, Ritter von Bartels, Major General ->
"Geschichte der K und K"

Calmi Baruch, Professor of Philosophy at the College in Sarajevo ->
"El Judeo Espanol de Bosnia", Madrid, 1930; translated novels and essays Spanish into Serbian; studies on Spanish writers in Serbian Language

Otakar Bas, Lawyer ->
"Bis zum der radikalen Bewegung", "Warum sind wir nicht Sozialisten?" all published in the Czech language

Alexandre, Emmanuel Batek, Professor ->
Autobiography, "How I lived and worked for 50 years", Koci, 1925

Oskar Baum, author ->
"Das Leben in Dunkeln"; "Die Böse Unschuld"; "Die Verwandelte Welt"; "Die Tur ins Unmöglische"

Ivan Bause, Professor of Latin Language ->
A theater play entitled, "Clearing up Philosophical Problems", 1926

Ladislaus von Bekeffi, Author; Actor ->
Wrote more than 300 one act plays, 7 three act plays, dramas, comedies, film manuscripts, operettas, etc.; actor since 1913

Jaroslav Benda, Painter; Professor of State Arts and Craft School ->
Graphic art books, posters, woodcuts, lettering, many diplomatic charts on parchment, addresses to prominent people, designs for post stamps, paper money, golden ducats, for military uniforms, large silk gobelin with St. Vaclav and all historical coats of arms of Czechoslovakia, designs for monumental mosaics

Arved Berg, Chief-Editor ->
"Autonom Administration in the Baltic Provinces" 1907 (Russian), "Lettlands internationale Lage" 1918 (German, Latvian, Russian, French); "Lettische Zukunftsgedanken" (German); "Latvia and Russia" (English and French) 1918

Anna Berkovcova, Professor ->
"Regeneration der Lebermoose" (published by the Czech Academy of Art and Science)

Jaroslav Bidlo, Professor for General History ->
4 volumes on the History of the Unity of the Czech Brethren in Poland; 1 volume History of the Slavish People, all published in Czech; his book "History of Slovakia" shall be published in Italian; his books "History of Russia" and "Byzanthine Culture" were published in Croatian

Alfreds Bilmanis, Latvian Minister to the U.S.S.R ->
"Latvia in the Making"; "Latvia's Werdegang" (both in 1930)

Stanislaw Binickl, Former Director of Opera; composer ->
"It rains on the field"; "Oh, if I only had your eyes"; besides a few songs a fairy tale "Ljiljan i Omorika"

Chajim Bloch, Author ->
"Der Prager Golem"; "Kabbalistische Sagen", 1925; "Erinnerungen aus einem Kriegsgefangenenlager", 1932

Francisca Bloch-Mahler, Authoress ->
More than 1.000 fairy tales, 1.000 children's poems, 1.000 ballads, etc.

Wenedikt Bobtschefsky, Conductor of Orchestra, National Opera Sofia, composer
Songs for men's choir, mixed choir and soli, compositions for orchestra, performed in various recitals; one opera: "Prince Eremit", performed on the stage in Sofia, 1932

von Diosad Johann Bodo, Royal Hungarian Chief Economical Councillor ->
Numerous articles on military questions, Franktireur-War, "Montenegro and the Balkan War"; "The World War and Martial Law", etc.

Stefan Bogdan, Professor, Pharmacological Faculty, Brasov, Rumania ->
25 scientific essays (specially studies on atomical forms)

Antonin Bohác, President of the State Statistical Office, Prague, and head of its department for Population statistics; private lecturer of Demography at the Faculty of National Sciences, Charles University Prague ->
"Map of Nationalities of the Czechoslovak Republic"; "Slav-Cultural picture of the slavonic world"

Slavko Boksan, Engineer and writer ->
"Nikola Tesla und sein Werk"; this book caused critics from very prominent men, who all have accepted the result of the research work, which prove that the ingenious Yugoslavian Nikola Tesla was the creator of the modern Electrotechnic, High Frequency- and Radio Technic

Theophilos Boreas, Philosopher and psychologist
"Experimental studies of memory; "The process of development of memory", 1930; "The rate of forgetting", 1930; "Training and Transfer in memory", 1931; "Relation of intelligence to memory", 1931; "Methods of memorization", 1931

Georges Boross, Unitarian Bishop ->
"History of the ceremonies of the Unitarian Church"

Wilhelm Borowicz, Engineer, Professor of Technical University in Lwów ->
"Beitrag zur Berechnung von kritischen Drehzahlen mehrfach gelagerter Wellen", 1904, Munich

Stefan Boskovics, Military Surveyor ->
"The Yugoslavian Map 1:100.000", edited of the Military Geographical Institute; "The Yugoslavian Map 1:1.000.000", translations out of the Russian language of Professor Zinger's "Astronomic Course"

Francois Bossowski, Professor, University of Wilno ->
A large number of books

Adriana Boudevska-Gantcheva, Actress of the Bulgarian National Theater ->
Articles in many magazines and newspapers analyses on her own parts, critical notes on the theater, biographies of Bulgarian and foreign artists, etc.

Grigorije Bozovic, Author, publicist ->
Five books on Traveling and four books with short stories

Joseph Bradac, Secretary of Young Men's Christian Association ->
"The Jews"; "The Christian Communist";"The White Curtain";"The unfinished Revolution";"The Lyon from Jewry"

Stefan Braileanu, General Secretary of the Municipal City of Cernauti, Rumania ->
On prehistorical questions (Atlantis-Problem), "Origin and history of the Rumanian language";"History of the city of Cernauti"

Philipp Franz Bresnitz von Sydakoff, Author ->
"Fünf Jahre am Hofe des Königs von Serbien"; "Das Ende des Hauses Habsburg", etc.

Hynek Bruner, Consul attached to the Czechoslovakian Consul General at Istanboul, Commercial Engineer, Diploma merchant
"Bremen als Welthafen und seine Bedeutung für die Tschechoslowakei"; "Arbeitslosigkeit in der Tschechoslowakei"

Václav Bubenik, Engineer, Professor ->
"Theorie der Telegraphenstromquellen"; "Schutz der Schwachstromleitungen gegen Starkstromleitungen"; "Funkenlose Ausschaltung der Stromkreise"; "Theorie der Kettenleiter"; "Frequenzbestimmung"

Julius Buday, Private Lecturer, Lawyer, Honorable Attorney General of Abauj-Torna City, Councillor of the diocese Nagyvárad ->
"Mussolini and the Fascism as an agricultural, social and political system"

Bujor, Professor of University of Jassy, Berasti, department of Covurluice, Rumania ->
Works on cyclostomes, celemtere; studies on the fauna and flora as well as on the biology of the salted lakes of Rumania

E.F. Burian, Composer, Stage Manager, Theater-Manager ->
Altogether 7 books on music, jazz music and lyric

Jean-Aurèle Candrea, Professor University of Bucharest ->
Great encyclopaedic dictionary of the Rumanian language, Bucharest 1931

Karel Capek, Author and journalist ->
52 Sunday lectures; "Painful Stories"; "Insect Play", 1921; "Manufacturing of the Absolute", a novel; "Money and other stories", 1929; "Talks with Masaryk", I-II, 1929-1930

Thomas Capek, Lawyer, Banker ->
"The Slovaks of Hungary" (1906); "Bohemia under Habsburg Misrule" (1915); "The Czechs in America" (1920); "The Czech (Bohemian) Community in New York" (1921); "From New York to Prague and return" (1922)

Floria Capsali, Dancer, balletmaster ->
Various works on Rumanian popular dances for which she is much interested

Leopold Caro, Professor of National Economy and of Law, Polytechnical High school in Lwów ->
"Social Studies", 1908; "Auswanderung und Auswanderungspolitik", Leipzig 1909; "Neue Wege", Poznaán 1908; "Finanzproblem des Polnischen Staates", Cracow 1919; "Thoughts of a Japanese on Poland", Lwów; "Solidarity, its foundation, history and practical appliance", Lwóv 1933

Epaminondas Cavvadias, Post Captain, Chief of the General Staff of the Navy ->
Service Manuals for torpedoes

Vincent Cervinka, Writer and publicist ->
"Czechoslovak Legions in Siberia"; "Siberian Portraits"

Adolf Chaloupka, Chief Commissioner in the Ministry for School-Affairs and Popular Culture ->
Together with Leo Richter "Theater for Everybody", 1926

Leo, Baron Chlumecky, Author, politician, historian ->
"Erzherzog Franz Ferdinands Wirken und Wollen", etc.

Kyrill Christoff, Poet, romancier, dramatical author, essayist, lecturer, German University in Prague ->
"Kinder des Balkans", 3 volumes

Christos Christovassilis, Journalist, politician, deputy ->
1 volume of epic-lyric, poetry and 3 essays on Epirus, Macedonia, and Albania

Krsto Cicvaric, Author and publicist ->
1. "Democratija i socializam" (Democracy and socialism); 3. "Preobrazaj socializma in Europi" (Transformation pf socialism in Europe); 4. "Balkanska konfederacija i Srpska socialisti" (Balkan Confederation and Serbian socialists); "Srpska socialna demokratij a na preokretu" (Serbian Social democracy at a turning); 6. "Anarchizam i anarchisti" (Anarchism and Anarchists); 7. "Iz anarhistickog programa" (From the program of the anarchist); 8. "Kako cemo pobeoliti Austriju" (How shall we defeat Austria); Literature: "Socialists at the head of the government"; besides more than 3.000 articles

Michael Constantinides, Great Archimandrite
"Bolshevism and the Orthodox Church"

Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi, Doctor of Philosophy ->
"Los vom Materialismus"; "Revolution durch Technik"; "Praktischer Idealsimus"; "Stalin & Co."; "Krise der Weltanschauung"; editor of the magazine "Paneuropa"

de Franqueville Hélène d'Abancourt, author, librarian ->
Books on Art Criticism and Poetry in various periodicals

Ibrahim Dalliu, Writer ->
Various books in Albanian language; "Red wasps of Tirana"; "The patriotism of Tirana"

Stephan Danadjieff, Doctor of neurology
"Our army in the last wars from the neurological and psychiatrical point of view", 1925

Arpád Degen, Professor ->
Some hundred essays and articles on the European and the Balkan flora, observations on some oriental herbs' characteristics

Jakob Deml, Catholic Priest in a parish ->
Translations into Czech the works of St. Hildegard, St. Bernhard, the visions of Anna Katharina Emmerich, Ruysbroeck Admirabilis, St. Cyprian, St. Vincenc von Ferrara; the life of St. Dympna, a daughter of the King of Ireland, translated from the Latin original the mystic poem of reverend Johann Pecham, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 1292; "Philomena Sancti of Bonaventurae", 3 editions, also translator of the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke

Bosko Desnica, Lawyer and Historian ->
Historic works on the Venetian domination in Dalmatia in the wars of Candia and Vienna against the Turcs, a General History of Venice

Mita Dimitriejevic, Deputy to Yugoslavian Parliament
"Bulgaria of today and its errors"; "The Alliance of Bulgaria with Germany in 1917"; theater plays: "The Intoxication of Victory", (comedy); "Babylon", (drama)

Platon Soterios Drakoules, Writer, Sociologist, founder of the Socialist Labour movement in Greece ->
"The French Revolution", 1889; "The Worker's Manual", 1891; "Light from Within", 1893; "Hygiene and Ethics", 1895; "Crime and Humanity", 1908; "The Housing Problem", 1926; and numerous articles on Near Eastern Politics, especially in the Asiatic Review.

Jehudo Epstein, Professor, Academic painter ->
"Mein Weg von Ost nach West"

Waclaw Fajans, Banker; General Manager of the General Banking Corporation of Poland
"The Russian Gold Standart", 1909; "The fluctuations of exchange in the light of the War experience", 1917; "Our future Money", 1919; "The monetary crisis in the Coalition Countries", 1920; "The question of the prices for agricultural products in the Poland's economical program", 1926

Antonin Fencl, Author, actor, stage-manager ->
Author of "Jidás Iskariotsky"; "Revoluce"; "Kvitek prerie"; "Golem" and numerous comedies, revues and operettas

David Feuchtwang, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Vienna ->
"Zur Aufklärung über Bibel und Babel", "Hollandisches Judenturm", "Werner Sombart und die Zukunft der Juden", and numerous essays in different periodicals on Assyriology, etc.

Viliam Figus-Bystry, Teacher of Music at the Teacher`s Training School, organist of protestant church music ->
Slovakian Popular Opera "Detvan" (first performance in Bratislava (1928), piano quartet, several cycles of Slovak songs, violin music, Chorus and Piano-Works

Tytus Filipowicz, Diplomatist ->
"Poland and Autonomy", 1907; "Political Dreams", 1909; "The Problems of Progress", 1910; "Confidential Documents of the British Government concerning the Insurrection in Poland 1863", 1914

Petr Fingal, Editor
"Malostransky Casanova" (Casanova of Prague Little-Town); humoristic works: "Zenidlo" (The desire to be married)

Adam Fischer, Ordinary Professor of Ethnology and Ethnography at the John Casimir University in Lwów ->
Books: "Funeral Customs of the Polish People", 1921; "Memorial Day", 1923; "Ruthenians", 1928; "Ethnography of the Slavs", 1932, and about 300 papers on the ethnology and ethnography published in different Polish, German, Czech, French, English and Japanese publications

Mehdi Frasheri, President of the Council of State ->
Following books: "The Application of the Capitulation in Turkey" (Turkish language 1910); "Greek Culture in Southern Albania"; "Tirana, Capital of Albania"; "Relations between Italy and Albania", 1929

Antonin Frinta, Lecturer at the Charles University and Dramatical School ->
"Pictorial Biography of John Hus" (Prague 1924); (in Czech language:) "Phonetic value and historical development of the consonant v in the Slavonic languages" (Prague 1916); "Almanac-Directory of the Czechoslovak Protestantism" (Prague 1928)

Juozas (Joseph) Gabrys (Gabriess) , Director of roads and hydraulic administration in Lithuania; diploma building engineer; assistant for the construction of bridges and roads ->
6 books on roads and building of bridges: "The Roads", a book of more than 1.300 pages and 1.400 drawings (pictures)

Vilius Gaigalatitis, Professor of Theology ->
"Die litauisch-baltische Frage", 1917

Nathan Michael Gelber, Author ->
"Die Judenfrage auf dem Wiener Kongreß"; "Aus zwei Jahrhunderten"; "Die Juden und der polnische Aufstand"; "Die Judenfrage in Polen am Ausgang des XVIII. Jahrhunderts", etc.

Tihomir Georgewitsch, Professor, University of Belgrade ->
"Die Zigeuner in Serbien", 1903-1906

Liudas Gira, Writer ->
Roads of the Fatherland, 1912; Sparks, 1921; Poetical Works for the Youth, 1923; Thoughts about Heroic Deeds, 1928; Lithuanian Polish relations (in Polish); The Fighter for the Lithuanship of Vilna, 1914; critical essays (under pen name of E. Radzi-Kauskas, 1928), larger critical studies on the life of Maironis, Vaizgantas, Lazdynu Peleda, Azhukalnis-Zagurskis in various literary magazines

Bohuslav Glos, Engineer, Professor of Economics on the Commercial Academy at Olomouc ->
"The United States as I have seen them", 1933

Wladyslaw Jozef Gorczynski, Director Meteorological Service of Poland, retired since 1928 ->
1. The diminution of the intensity of solar radiation during the years 1902 and 1903 at Warsaw, Poland; 2. On the depression in the value of the total intensity of the radiation in 1903 according to measurements made at the Central Station of the Polish Meteorological Service at Warsaw; The Light filter measurements made by the Polish Solar Radiation Expeditions to Siam in 1923, and at Touggourt in the Sahara desert in 1924

Thadeus Grabowski, Minister Plenipotentiary ->
"Across the Slavonic World"; "Poles and Bulgarians", 1916; "For the rebirth of Poland",1917; "King's Wladislaw's death and grave in Warna", Warsaw and Sofia 1910; various studies in Polish, French, German, Brazilian and Slovenian Reviews

Stanislas Grabski, Professor of Political Economy University of Lwów ->
"Revolveja" (revolution), 1921; "Rrym cryckoskwa" (Rome or Moscow), 1927

Grégoire Graur, Medical Doctor and publicist ->
"Indications of the cure of Karlsbad" (Czechoslovakia) in Rumanian and German

Hanna Gregorová-Tajovská, Authoress ->
Short woman, nursery tales and travel descriptions; awarded with State prize for the book "The Slovakian Woman at the fireside and with a book"

Moriz Johann Josef Grolig, Aulic Councillor; Librarian in Chief
"Druckerei des Klosters Bruck"(Free Mason Library of the Moravian Provincial Museum); "Deutsche Handschriften der Studienbibliothek Olmütz"; editor of "Österreichische Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Archiv für Bibliographie", "Bibliothek des Ladislaus v. Bozkowicz (Collection of Books of the XVII Century)

Xhafer ali Hafis, Overmufti of Korca zone
2 books on muhamedan religion; he was member in the commission for the musilman reformation in Albania

Zsolt de Harsányi, Writer ->
Plays and novels, especially the scenes of life-stories of the three greatest Hungarian poets: Petöfi, Madách and Zrinyi (10 volumes); translations: Byron's "Child Harold", Shakespeares "The merchant of Venice"; Hungarian translator of Mozart operas, etc.; author of the opera "Háry", music by Kodály

Frantisek Josef Havelka, Secretary Councillor, Ministry of Commerce ->
"To Caucase", Brno 1929, III. edition; "Europas Hoffnung - Sibirien"; on Austrian War persecutions; illustrated documents of Austrian Prisons and Imperial Royal Internment Stations 1914-1917; "Notes out of the exile"; "Children-Martyrs", Prague 1928; "To and back to the Italian frontier"; Old Austrian War Shadows, manuscript on graphic subjects: Ukázky moderniho pisma", Brno 1912; "Prakticeskoje rukovodstvo dlja risovanija ornámentov", Tomsk 1914;List of Graphic Inventions; Grotesque Advertising; memoirs: "Z delnika doktorem"

von Magyar Zsákod Sándor von Hegedüs, Writer, Engineer, Bridgebuilder ->
Essays, novels (nearly 1.000), dramas; 33 volumes

Emil Hellebrand, Military Expert ->
"Die günstigste Gewichtsverteilung bei Dreieckswinkelmessungen", 1909

Franz Herczeg, Author, Member of Royal Hungarian Upper House, President Revisionist League, ->
Romances and novels, translated into many foreign languages, also theatrical plays, some of which were performed with world success; the complete edition of his works during his more than 40 years' literary activity has been published in 30 big volumes in 1926

Géza Herczeg, Royal Hungarian Minister, Councillor retired, author, ->
"Von Sarajevo bis Lodz"; "U"; "Béla Kun, eine historische Grimasse"; translations: "Hundert Tage" by Mussolini-Forzano

Henryk Herszfinkiel, Professor of Radiochemistry
"An Attempt to Accelerate Rate of Radioactive Transformation (Nature, 1928); "Über die Möglichkeit des Neutronenzerfalls der gewöhnlichen Elemente", 1933

Benedykt Hertz, Fabulist, publicist and dramatical author ->
"Fables"; "Fables and Satires"; books for children

Jan Hirschler, Professor and director of Zoological Institute ->
About 100 treaties, communications and reports on zoological embryology, cytology, experimental zoology, theoretical biology, fisyography, a larger work: "Embryogenese der Insekten im Handbuch der Entomologie" (Jena, Germany, 1927)

Václav Hlavácek, Author ->
"The Fright"; "Money and Labour"; "Parasites of the Breakdown of exchanges"; "Europe in Crash"; "Liebknecht and the Countermine", etc. (all in the Czechoslovakian language)

Jan Husek, Professor ->
"La frontière ethnographique entre les Slovaques et les Carpathorusses", "La frontière entre la Moravie et la Slovaquie"

Carl Huszar, Editor, Royal Hungarian Prime Minister
More than 2000 essays and articles in newspapers and periodicals; books on the "Proletarian Dictatorship in Hungary"; translated into German and Dutch; "The Burning Russia"; "The Social Scope of the Idea of the Catholic Action"

Charles Huszar-Puffy, Actor ->
A novel "Sincere Confessions of a fatman"

Athanas Ilieff, Writer ->
"Psycho-Analysis in the Esthetic"; "Between Art and Life"

Hugo Iltis, Professor ->
"Gregor Johann Mendel, Werk and Wirken", Springer, Berlin 1924; "The Life of Mendel", Allen & Unwin, London 1932; "Volkstümliche Rassenkunde", Jena 1930, etc.

Jon Inculetz, Professor, Minister of Interior ->
Several books in Russian on scientific subjects, recently a book in Rumanian, with title: "S.S.S.R. (sur l'Union Soviétique Socialiste)"

Tadas Ivanauskas, Professor ->
"Handbuch zum Bestimmen der Vögel Litauens"

Momtchilo Ivkovitch, Medical Doctor ->
"Tuberculosis in Belgrade", 1906; "Tuberculosis of the Masses", 1907; "Tuberculosis with the Slawe", 1911

Milan Ivsis, Professor ->
"the idea of the rationalization and its international character" Zagreb 1931

Iwan Iwanow, Diploma engineer, First Mayor of Sofia ->
Various works on construction of hydraulic works, special in connection with the laying out of the new water pipes of the city of Sofia from the Rila Mountains

Friedrich Jaksch, Director of the Bohemian-German National Library of the German in Czechoslovakia ->
"Lexikon sudetendeutscher Schriftsteller"

Paul Jakubenas, Dean of the Protestant Faculty of the University Vytautas the Great at Kaunas; General Superintendent of the reformed Church in Lithuania ->
"Die hussistische Bewegung in Litauen und Polen"

Marcel Jankovics, Lawyer ->
"Book of My Little Friend", 1913; Hungarian Clods of Earth", 1928, etc.; and about 1,200 articles in different newspapers and periodicals (all in Hungarian Language)

Vojtech Jarnik, Professor ->
60 works relative to several branches of mathematics (special the analytic theory of numbers, the infinite series, application of the theory of ensembles to the arithmetic and to the theory of functions); published in scientific Czechoslovakian, German, Austrian, Italian, Polish, Russian and Japan journals

Frantisek Jarnos, Director of Railway Ministry; and Writer ->
German-Czecheslovakian Railway-Dictionary

Bogumil Jasinowski, Professor ->
"Eastern Christianity and Russia on the background of the civilizing factors of East and West"

Roman Jaworski, writer; journalist ->
1909 "Les Histoires des Maniaques"; a grotesque-style novel: "Wesele hrabiego Orgaza" (Les noces du comte Orgaz), translated in Czech in Prague 1927; is now on the point to publish a long novel in 3 parts, entitled: "Francois Pozor, fils Tomasza" relating to the cultural and ideological contemporary situation in Poland

Djurdje Jelenic, Director of the Yugoslavian State Archives ->
In French: "La nouvelle Serbie", Paris 1918; in Servian: "The New Servia", Belgrade 1924

Ján Jesensky, Lawyer, Vice-President of the Slovakian Province Chamber in Bratislava ->
"Aus dem Gefängnis" (from 1915-1919 he was war-prisoner and Legionary in Russia)

Ladislaus von Szentimre Josza, Delegate of the Royal Hungarian Tobacco Monopoly in Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece ->
Articles on tobacco questions in newspapers

M. Jovan Jovanovic, Ex-Minister; Vice President of the Anglo-American Society in Belgrade ->
Articles on the responsibility of the war; a book: Unité Yugoslave, 3 vol., Belgrade 1928, 1929, 1930

Dragoljub Jovanovitch, Professor ->
"Evaluation de l'age des preparation du Radium à l'aide d'un Microcolorimètre" (which he constructed himself) (collaborateur with Madame Curie); "Measurement of the radioactive waters in Yugoslavia"; "Creation of a standard for the measurement of small quantities of radium"

Gustav Jungbauer, Professor ->
"Märchen aus Turkestan und Tibet", 1924; "Geschichte der deutschen Volkskunde", 1931

Albert Niels Kaas, Professor ->
"The Bolshevism in Hungary"

Ottokar Kadic, Professor; Chief Geological Investigator of Caverns ->
About 150 articles on cavern research; "Der Mensch zur Eiszeit in Ungarn"

Victor Kafka, Medical Doctor; Extraordinary Professor retired; Physician in Chief retired ->
"Taschenbuch der praktischen Untersuchungsmethoden der Körperflüssigkeiten", 3rd edition, 1928; 180 scientific publications on serology, liquor-researches, psychiatry, internal secretion

Othmar Kallina, Officer; author; cvil Engineer and Waterworks Director ->
Political writer, co-worker of many magazines and dailies at home and abroad, also in the U.S.A.; editor of Correspondence: Sudeten-German Volksdienst (Popular Service)

Edvard Kalnins, Professor ->
10 medical essays

Demetre Kambouroglous, Historian and literarian ->
A large number of works of which the principal are relative to the history of Athens under the Turkish domination

Nikolai Kann, Minister of Cults and Social Minister ->
General history in 32 volumes with coloured pictures, about 3840 pages

Arttur Kannisto, Professor of the Finnish-Ugrian linguistic at the University of Helsingfors ->
"Die Vokalharmonie im Wogulischen", 1922; "Die tartarischen Lehnwörter im Wogulischen", 1925; "Über die früheren Wohngebiete der Wogulen im Lichte der Ortsnamenforschung", 1927; "Über die wogulische Schauspielkunst", 1907; "Über die Tatuierung bei den Ob-ugrischen Völkern", 1933

Jan Kapras, Professor, ->
"Silesia - an integrant part of the Czech State", 1919; "Historical Evolution of Czechoslovakia", 1929; "History of Austro-Silesia XII"

Karl Kautsky, Writer ->
"Marx' ökonomische Lehren", 1887; "Erfurter Programm", 1892; "Vorläufer des Socialismus"

Rezsö Kemény, Professor at the Royal Hungarian High School for Music ->
Pedagogic essays, instructions for violin playing, etc.

Simon Kemény, Journalist ->
"Lamentations"; "Balcony"; "That's the way I am living"; "The Devil's bag"; "Hopeless fight"

Georges Kerekov, Journalistic Chief of Bulgarian Telegraphic Angency ->
Articles in newspapers, special interviews with the King Boris, the President of the Turkish Republic Gazi Mustafa Kemal, with Mussolini, with the French Ministers (Heriot, Painlevé, etc.)

Anna Kethly, Member of Parliament; Independently Employed ->
Propagandistic essays, etc.; speeches in Parliament on women's suffrage; disarmament, etc.

Bronislawa Keuprulian-Wojcik, Musicologist ->
"La Musique arménienne. Muzyka ormianska"; "The Polish Popular Music", Cracow 1932, etc.; besides the books and musicological studies, published also articles on history and culture of the Armenians (in Polish and Armenian), also a book on the history of the Polish Armenians, Lwów 1933

Vladimir Khek, Secretary of Legion I. Class ->
Newspaper articles on economic and trade questions

Stanislav Klima, Head of Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ->
"The Czechs and Slovaks in foreign countries", 1925; "The liberated Slovakia", 1923, all together wrote 30 books

Wilhelm Klumberg, Economic Publicist; Professor ->
"Die Kolonisation Russlands in Sibirien"; "Die Einwirkung der Kontinentalsperre auf Riga"; he is working on an economical history of Riga

Jan (literary penname J.K. = Jean Covinua) Kochanowski, Professor of history of medieval age in Polish University of Warsaw
"La Pologne en lumière de la propre psychique et des psychiques des autres nations"

Stepenas Kolupaida, Professor of University of Vytautas the Great in Kaunas ->
"Determination of the Winter Flow", 1927-1931; "Distribution of the Velocities in the Stream", 1929-1930

Julius Komarek, Professor of Zoology
"Flying methods of the insects", Prague 1919; "Investigation concerning the fauna of the Balkan"; "Forest entomology"; "Turbellaria"

Waclaw Komarnicki, Professor of University of Political Science
"The formation of States", Warsaw 1916; "Of the Succession of States", Warsaw 1918; "The Breakdown and the Recognition of the Polish State According to the German Literature", 1928

Hanno Kompus, Architect; Stage Manager; Art-writer ->
Critical studies on Estonian art in various collective works, Estonian translations of the wording of many operas from the Italian, French and German opera literature

Karel Konvalinka, Author; composer ->
Choirs for men and women, songs chamber and music for orchestra; books: "Ceské lidové pisne", etc.

Henryk Korowicz, Professor of Polish Economy at the High School of Foreign Commerce Lwów
Principal books: "Proprietor and peasant in Poland and special in Galicia, in Germ."; "Studies on the depreciation of currency and other economical questions" (Polish)

Ljubomir Kosier, Consul General, retired; Professor ->
"Die Südslawen in Amerika"

Charalambos Kossivar, Department Manager of Greek and Turkish Population Exchange, with Ministry of Agriculture ->
"Legislation regarding the Turkish and Greek Properties abandoned in the Territories of the Respective Countries" (Athens, Liva and Handgos), 1928 (in Greek)

Deszö Kosztolanyi, Author ->
"The bloody poet" with a preface by Thomas Mann, novel, published by Macy-Masina, New York and Golland in London

Stanislaw Kot, Professor of history of civilization at the University of Cracow ->
54 historical books and dissertations, the most important ones are relative to the History of education in Europe; "History of Poland's Cultural Relations with other Countries";

Josef Koukl, Docent at the Czech Polytechnical School; Chief of the Biotechnological Institute Prague
Works relative to the feeding and nourishing of animals, instructions on fodder and the preserving of fodder

Leon Kozlowski, Professor; President of Council of Ministries of Poland ->
"Grand-Poland at the Period of Stone"; "Period of Stone in the downs of the East of Little Poland (Malopolska)"; "Die ältere Steinzeit in Polen"

Kamil Krofta, Secretary General of the Minister of Foreign Affairs ->
"Les Nouveaux Etats dans l'Europe Centrale", 1930; "The Old Constitution of Bohemia and the Constitution of Hungary"; "The German nationality in the Czechoslovak History"; "The development of proportions of nationalities in Czechoslovakia"

Ures Krulj, Minister of Public Health; Vice President of Senate ->
"The crisis of the parliamentarism and its reform"; he was the first who wrote in Serbia on the problem of hygiene of race

zum Rosenpichl und Hohenstein Alexander Count Kulmer, Great Land Proprietor, Maltese Knight ->
A book on the nobility of Croatia

Stephan Kyroff, Ordinary Professor of Public Law, University of Sofia ->
Manuals on General Public Law and Bulgarian Constitutive Law; many articles on different subjects of Laws and Politics and the Peace Movement; contributions to different newspapers; "Atrocités bulgares en Macedoine"

Anton Lábán, Private lecturer, University of Vienna; Director of the State "Collegium Hungaricum" in Vienna
"Gesichtspunkte für die Erschließung der ungarischen Literatur für das Ausland", many treaties on the basis of archive works with the so-called police-archive of the Metternich-Period relative to Hungarian intellectual, social, political and cultural life

Oskar Lange, Private lecturer in Statistics, University of Cracow ->
"Foundation of Towns on German Law in Western Poland in the Middle-Ages", Lwów; "Economic conditions in Poland", 1923-1927

Valdemar Langlet, Lecturer at the Budapest University for Swedish language; Proconsul at the Swedish Consulate General in Budapest
"On horseback through Russia"; "The Russian Revolution"; "The Balkan War"; "The World's War", volumes I-VIII; "On Horseback through Hungary"

Ján Laska, Czechoslovakian Consul in Zurich
"Hungermarsch über Albanien in 1915", publicated Prague 1922; "Asinara", Prague 1927; "Auf den Spuren der Czechoslovakischen Revolution in Italien", 1929

Aladár Laszlo, Journalist ->
4 volumes novels, plays: "The Honest Finder"; "Trouble in Paradise", a Lubitch Film; first prize in America, 1932; "Gruß aus Salzburg"; "Der Wundergeiger"; "Ein Mädchen, das es wagt"; "Eine verrückte Stunde"; "Woman with a Past"

J.W. Latziky-Bertoldi, Chief-Editor of the Newspaper "Frimorgn" ->
3 books: "Erdgeist", descriptions of the Jewish Progroms in the Ukraine, studies on the situation of the Jews in East of Europe and on the building of Palestine

Francois Leja, Professor of Polytechnical School ->
"Comptes Rendus du I. Congres des Mathematiciens des Pays Slaves", Warsaw 1930; scientific works on the theory of groups of entire series and of series of polynomes

Jerzy (George) Loth, Professor Economic Geography ->
Several books on economical geography of Poland, history of geography and various geographical topics, also economic maps of Poland

Francois Luska, Physician; Professor for children's diseases
Numerous articles in medical journals on microbiology, serology, tuberculosis of children, feeding of newly born babies, feeding of wet nurses

Wincenty Lutoslawski, Professor of Phil. University of Wilno, retired ->
"The Knowledge of Reality", Cambridge University Press, 1930; "Seelenmacht, Abriß einer zeitgemäßen Weltanschauung", 1899

Ján Máchal, Professor, Charles University Prague, retired ->
"The Slav Mythology", 1891; "The heroic epic songs of the Slavs", 1894; "Studies of the evolution of modern Czech novel", 1902, 1930

Julius Mägiste, Ordinary Professor of the West-Finnish languages, University of Tartu ->
"Chief features of the Rosona Dialect" (Estonian Ingermanland); "Estonian Christian Names"; a study of influence of the Finnish language to the Estonian language

Josef Macek, Doctor of Law; Professor Graduate School of Commerce, University of Prague
"Nationalization and Democratization of Czech Lands", 1918; "Price-Problem in Socialism", 1921; "Principles of Social Policy", 1925; "Socialism", 1925; "How is made the unemployment", 1923

Nikolai Maim, Professor of law, University of Tartu ->
Articles on fascism, parliamentarism

Katie Malecka, Musician; and journalist ->
Book on his experiences in prison entitled: "Saved from Siberia"

Alexandre Malinoff, Advocate ->
Articles and books on Bulgarian politic and of its modern history

Louis (Markous Ludwik) Marcoussis, Artist painter; and engraver ->
Books illustrated: "Indicateur des chemins de coeur", by Tristan Tzara; ten engravings on copper plates, introduction to Tristan Tzara, 1931; copper engravings for "Alcohol" by Guillaume Apollinaire, Paris 1934; portrait engravings of Mrs. Misia Sert, Helena Rubinstein, Lady Abdy, etc.

Ernst Marton, Doctor of Law, Chief Editor ->
"Die Jüdische Nation in Siebenbürgen", etc.

Démètre George Maxim, Advocate; Ex-President of the Court of Appeal of Bucharest ->
"The Nationality"; "The Naturalization and the Situation of Foreigners in Rumania"

Wanda Melcer, Novelist and publicist ->
"The lover of dead girls", a study of town customs, and a novel "The sign of the Swastika and the child"

Miloje Milojevic, Doctor of Music; Professor at the University at Belgrade; Professor of Composition at Musical School in Belgrade; Chief of Music of "Collegium Musicum" in Belgrade University; Chief of Musical scientific Seminary, University of Belgrade
Scientific works and esthetics: 1. Monography of Smetana, 2. Smetanin harmonski stil, 3. Two books of music studies and articles, 4. Music and the orthodox church, 5. A few characteristics of the music of South Serbia, 6. Music of South Serbia

Marian Morelowski de Prus, Professor master of conferences, history of art in Wilno ->
"Three groups of Polish artists connected with the School of Cracow and their works in Poland at the Court of Bavaria in the XVIII. century", 1930; "The crown and the casque foundation during the excavations of Sendomir of Grand Duke Witold of Lithuania, as well as the Royal Polish Lithuanian tombs in Wilno (the crown and casque found were of Casimir the Great)" 1933

Alois Musil, Professor of Oriental Studies on the Philosophical Faculty Charles University, Prague ->
8 volumes of travel books in Czech, besides maps of Arabia Petraea, Vienna 1907, of Northern Hegaz, New York 1926, of Northern Arabia, New York 1927, of Southern Mesopotamia, New York 1927

Otto Neurath, Director Mundaneum Institute the Hague; and International Foundation of Visual Education (IVE) in the Hague ->
"Anti-Spengler" (Callwey, Munich) "International Picture Language" (Kegan Paul, London); organizer of the Isotype system

Antoine de Okolo-Koulak, Roman Catholic Priest ->
"The Mission of Poland in the Orient", Warsaw 1925; "The Bolshevism and the Religion", Warsaw 1923

Josef Opletal, Ordinary Professor at the Highschool of Agriculture in Brno
A book: "Das fürstliche Transplantwesen auf den Gütern des Bukowinaer griechisch-orientalischen Religionsfondes"

Alexander Pallis, Politician ->
translation of "The Merchant of Venice"; of "Henry IV; of Euripides´ Cyclops, of the Illiad, of the Gospels, etc.; a collection of poems, "A Tour on the Aetonlian Mountains; in English: "A Paper on Fascism"

Piotr Perkowski, Musician, composer ->
Prèludes for pianoforte, concerto F major for symphonic orchestra and Piano, melodies for piano and song; 7 Japan songs, for soprano and piano, symphony Nr. 1 with choir, soloists and organ; "Prèludes" for piano, fantasia for symphonic orchestra and piano; sonata for piano, soprano songs for orchestra, sextet for violin, violoncello, clarinet, cornet and trumpet, stringquartette, six Krakowiak, melodies for voice and piano, concerto for little orchestra, a ballet; Swantewit, music for films, "Sinfonietta" for little orchestra, "Swaty" for a capella choir, oratorio for symphonic orchestra, mixed choir and soprano; Bagatelle, Krakowiak, study for piano, melodies for song and piano, concert for violin and orchestra

Georges Pesmazoglu, Minister of Finances; Member of High National Economic Council ->
"The Economic Situation in Greece"

Coriolan Petranu, Professor of History of Art ->
"Die Kunstdenkmäler der Siebenbürger Rumäniens", Cluj 1927

Josef Pfitzner, Ordinary Professor
"Besiedlungs-, Verfassungs- und Verwaltungsgeschichte des Breslauer Bistumslandes", 1926; "Das Erwachen der Sudetendeutschen", 1926; "Großfürst Witold von Litauen als Staatsman", 1930

Berta Pipina, Deputy of the Sacima (Parliament); deputy of city of Riga; President of the Women's Union ->
Published a pamphlet "The sexual question of the youth"

Vilis Pludons, Author ->
Books of poetry: "The Symphony of Life","From Night to Morning"; "Via Dolorosa"; "Moments of my Muse", etc.; History of the Latvian literature, 3 volumes, critical essays

Karel Polacek, Editor and writer ->
Criminalistic novel: "Die Hauptverhandlung"

Václav Popelka, Editor and owner of book printing office; writer ->
"Svobodni" (We are free), poetries, 1918

Vladets Popovic, Lecturer in English University of Belgrade
"Shakespeare in Serbia" (Oxford University Press 1928)

Mihajlo Pupin, Inventor, Engineer ->
"Über elektrische Oszillationen von geringer Frequenz und ihre Resonanz", 1893; "Eine automatische Quecksilberpumpe", 1895

Emanuel Rádl, Professor of Philosophy ->
"The Fight between Czechs and Germans" (Czech and German), 1928

Martin Rázus, Writer, politician
"From Quiet and Stormy Moments", poems, 1917; "This is War", poems, 1919; "Hana", play, 1920; "Sketches and Talks", Sonnets, 1926; "Worlds", novel, 1929

Suzanne Rabska, Literary woman, journalist, poetress, authoress ->
poetries, novels, short novels, fairy tales for children and translations.

Paja Radosavljevitch, Professor of Pedagogy; writer ->
"Who are the Slavs?, a contribution to Race Psychology", 1919

Karl Renner, Doctor of Law; General State Librarian, retired; Austrian Chancellor, retired ->
"Österreichs Erneuerung", Vienna 1906/07; "Der deutsche Arbeiter und der Nationalismus", Vienna 1910; "Was ist Klassenkampf?", Vienna 1919; "Das Selbstbestimmungsrecht der Nationen", Vienna 1918; "Der Imperialismus im Osten und Österreich-Ungarn"; "Die Grundlagen und Entwicklungsziele der österreich-ungarischen Monarchie"; "Deutschland, Österreich und die Völker des Ostens", Berlin 1922; "Der Tag der Deutschen", Berlin 1923

Georges Rhallys, Lawyer and dentist ->
Various political articles and publications on law.

Marcel-Pierre-Nicolas Romanescu, Diplomat and writer
Tragdia dragostei, lyrics, theater, essays, novels, biographies

Milos Ruppeldt, Professor of Music Academy; Chief of the Music Section of the Radiostation Bratislava; Conductor of Choir Association of Slovak Teachers ->
Various articles on music and critics; travel descriptions, translations of novels and dramatical works from German, Russian and Spanish; published Slovakian Men Choirs and Mixed Choirs, a collection of school songs, Folks-Songs and of Protestant Church Choirs

Hans Schürff, Doctor of Law; Austrian Minister, retired ->
"Das Verhalten der Tschechen im Weltkrieg"; "Donauföderation"

Paul Schiemann, Writer, politician ->
General political articles, specially on the Minority question and the solution of Nation and State in Riga

Hans Schmid, Mayor of Graz, Styria ->
"Founder and editor-in-chief of the "Mitteilungen des Katholischen Landeslehrerverbandes"

Václav Sedlácek, Dramatic and professional writer ->
More than 80 plays, besides novels and essays

Selencia Shefki, Emir; General Secretary of the Agrarian reform ->
Many articles relative to the Albanian social conditions, to the education of the Albanians; a book "Psychologjia dhe Historia e Fashismes", he is translating now "Faust" of Goethe into the Albanian language; besides he is co-operator in the edition of the half-official newspaper "Besa"

Bohuslav Sida, Director of Town-Library ->
In 1922 a Bibliography on Socialism

Artur Sliwinski, Historian, man of letters ->
History of Independent Poland and of the 3 insurrections, 1794, 1831, 1863; monographs on the work of prominent statesmen and commanders of the army (King John Sobieski, King Stefan Batory, King Ladislaw IV., Chodkiewicz, Kosciuszko, Zolkiewski, Lelewel, Mochnaski, Mickiewicz)

Jean Sofianopoulos, Chief of the Greek Agrarian Party; deputy of Serrés
"Economical and political study on the Balkan States and on Central and Eastern Europe", Athens 1927; "Geographical, political and geo-economical studies on the basin of the Danube, the Balkan peninsula and of East Mediterranean"

Carl Springer, Professor of Orthopedy; Surgeon; Orthopedist ->
"Angeborne Hüftverrenkung", 1906; "Ungestielte Netzlappen", 1910; "Sachplastik bei Epispedie", 1930; "Rotationostedomie bei Little", 1932

Alexander Stalysky, Advocate ->
1929 The Fascist State-Doctrine (in Bulgarian, translated into German)

Milivoj Stojan Stanojevic, Author and educator ->
"Russian Foreign Policy in the East", 1916

Aleksander Steinhardt, Director of the Jewish Hospital ->
Scientific articles on medical subjects, specially on parasites of the bowels, literary articles in Hebrew and Yiddish language

Andrew (pen name: Galecki Taddeus) Strug, Literary Man ->
In 1930 complete works in 20 volumes, the most important are: "Underground Men", 1908; "To-morrow". 1908; "The Story of one Hand-Grenade", 1909; "Our Fathers", 1913; "The Grave of the Unknown Soldier", 1922; "The Key to Abyss", 1929

Maciej Strzewski, Professor of Constitutional and International Law
"Studies on the organization of the Fascist State", 1933

Franz Xaver Svoboda, Writer ->
Novels: "Das Erblühen"; "Der Strom"; Der Sprung in die Finsternis"; "Zuviel für einen Menschen"; poetries: "An fünf Meeren"; "Herbst ist es, das Obst duftet"; "Des Müllers Töchterchen"; dramas: "Ziele des Lebens"; "Der erschlagene Drache"; comedies: "Der letzte Mann"; "Die Knospe"

Major Szapira, Rabbi and rector ->
"Imre dauh"; "Or Hamsjov"

Marian Szyjkowski, Professor
About 100 essays mostly on compared literature between the Polish and French romantism

Leon Tannenbaum, Advocate; Vice-President of the city of Drohobycz ->
Articles in newspapers and periodicals on administration and Judaism

Bozidar Terzic, Army General; Minister, retired ->
Articles and essays on military and general Yugoslavian questions

Terence Toci, Lawyer and journalist ->
"Le Taraboshi", first Albanian newspaper in Scutari

Julian Tokarsky, Professor of mineralogy and petrography
"Über cenomane Phosphat-Lagerstätte im Dniestrgebiete des polnischen Podolien", 1925; "The second woolly Rhinoceros from Starunia Poland"; "Neue mikroskopisch-chemische Analyse der Phosphorite aus der Umgebung von Grodna", 1930

Tryfon Triantafyllakos, Diplomatist
"Comparison between the Bavarian and the Greek Constitution"

Karl Tschuppik, Author ->
Books: "Francis Joseph I., The Downfall of an Empire", 1928; "The Empress Elizabeth of Austria", 1929; "Ludendorff, the tragedy of a military mind"

Juljan Tuwim, Author, poet, dramatist ->
"Polski Slownik Pijacki" (Collections of expressions regarding drinking alcohol)

Józef Ujejski, Professor
"Nationalism as ethical problem"; "History of the Polish Messianism"

Rud Urban, Doctor of Theology; Lecturer ->
"Problem of population in the light of Christianity"

Gustav Vejsicky, Engineer; Technical Councillor in Chief of the Ministry of Public Hygiene and Physical Education ->
a few studies on the history of geodesy in the Czech language.

László de Verebely, Professor of Electric Engineering ->
Books in Hungarian on railway electrification

Cecilie Walewska, Publicist, writer ->
16 volumes of novels, one book and several pamphlets on women's questions

Ludwik Wasilewski, Chairman of Section for Anorganic Chemical Industry at Chemical Institute for Researches
"Treatment of Calk-Stone with glass for the construction of roads"; "Trials on a new laboratory-method for the examination of stone-bitumen mixtures"; "The importance of technical progresses in the development of the present world-crisis; "The State as Producer", Aluminum Problems in Poland",

Wilhelm Winkler, Professor
"Die Totenverluste der österreichischen Monarchie nach Nationalitäten", Vienna 1919; "Der Anteil der nichtdeutschen Volksstämme an der österreichisch-ungarischen Wehrmacht", Vienna 1919; "Sprachenkarte von Mitteleuropa", Vienna 1920; "Völker und Staaten in Mitteleuropa" (map), Vienna 1921; "Statistisches Handbuch für das gesamte Deutschtum", Berlin 1927; "Der Widerspruch in der Bevölkerungslage Österreichs", Vienna 1933

Streten Yakshich (Jaksic), Publicist, Chief of the Bureau for Labourer's Insurance ->
Essays in socialist papers such as: Glas Slobode, Radniche Novine, Borba, Snag, reviews, historic publications

Franziskus Methodius Zampach, Editor of the "Den" ->
The history of the Folks-Party, a biography of Minister Dr. Srames, and 5 reports on the Catholic popular movement in Moravia

Sigismond Zaurirski, Professor of the methodology of sciences
"Causality and function relation" (1912); "Relation between logic and mathematics" (1927); "Historical and critical enquiry of the doctrine of eternal return", 1927; "Indeterminism of the physics of quanta", 1931; "The evolution of the concept of time", 1934

Frantisek Zaviska, Professor for Theoretic Physics
"Einsteinuv princip relativnesti" (Einstein's principle of relativity), 1925

Thadeusz (pen name: Boy-Zelenski) Zelenski, Medical Doctor; Man of Letters; member of Polish Literary Academy ->
Collections of poetries, 13 volumes of theater critics,some twenty volumes essays, more than 100 volumes of the most prominent works of the French literature, among which the complete works of Molière, Rabelais, Montaigne, and many others

Petar Zivkovic, Royal Yugoslavian Minister of War; General in the army; Commander of the Royal Guards ->
A book "Cavalry in the War" in Serbian language, and many publications in professional papers.