Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Guido Adler, Austria ->
Greek Badge of Honor of the Austrian Republic

Issac Alcalay, Yugoslavia ->
St. Stephen Order, IV class, 1911; St. Stephen Order III class 1923, White Eagle Order, V class, 1925; King George Star, IV class, 1929.

Apostol Alexandris, Greece ->
Greek Cordon of Austria, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Czecho-Slav

Nicola Alexiev, Bulgaria ->
a medal for service from the Balkan War where I served as a volunteer

Andrew Andeades, Greece ->
Commander of the Redeemer and Leopold Order; Grand Commander Crown of Italy, St. Sava Order of Serbia, Great Blue Bird of Romania, and the Bulgarian Royal Order of the King

Alexander Andrássy de Csik-Szentkiraly and Krasznahorka, Hungary ->
Too many to mention here

Pericles Argyropoulo, Greece ->
Great Cross of Romanian Crown Order, Order of St. Sava of Danish Danebrog, Star Polonia of Abyssinia

Alfred Arnold, Hungary ->
Hungarian Cross of Mercy; Cross of Albrecht of Saxonia Order; Hanseaten Cross, etc.

Suleyman, Bey Asaf, Turkey ->
decorations have been abolished in the recently created Turkish Republic

Paul von Auer de Alsóterény, Hungary ->
Enobled by King Francis Joseph in 1910

Wilhelm Austerlitz, Austria; ->
Silver medal for bravery

Ignace Bailony, Yugoslavia ->
White Eagle; White Lion; Yugoslav Crown, III class

Muharem Bajraktari, Albania ->
Golden Medal of His Majesty King Zogu the first of Albania signed, "To my comrades" and an officer of the Skandenbeg Order

Anton Balla, Hungary ->
8 decorations

Karl Frhr. von Bardolff, Austria ->
Knight Maria Theresia Order

Gustav, Ritter von Bartels, Austria ->
Knight Franz Josef Order; Knight Order Iron Crown III class; Military Cross of Mercy; Prussian Iron Cross

Artur Bodanzky, U.S.A. ->
White Lion Order of Czechoslovakia

Adriana Boudevska-Gantcheva, Bulgaria ->
Star Order of Art & Science, and for civil service, II., with the crown of King Boris III, also on the jubilee in commemoration of her 25 years activity

Epaminondas Cavvadias, Greece ->
Cross for Exceptional Honor, Military Medal, Turkish and Bulgarian war medals with claps

Ahmet Dakli, Albania ->
Officer of Skanderberg Order

Lajos Deak-Ebner, Hungary
Grand medal from Brussels, small gold medal from Munich

Haim Farchy, Bulgaria ->
Order of the Municipality of Sofia and Society of Red Cross

Raouf Fico, Yugoslavia ->
Grand Cordon of the Skanderberg order, Grand Cordon of the order Leopold of Belgium, Grand Cordon of the order Crown of Luxembourg, Grand Cordon of the Roumanian Crown, Golden Medal of Albania, Officer of Legion of honour, of the French public instruction, officer of the order Francis Joseph

Leopold Gottlieb, France ->
Cross of the Legionaries

Maks Hurt, Estonia ->
Owner of one Russian and Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian decoration

Casimiera Illakowicz, Poland ->
3 decor for merits in the Russian army during the World war

Tadas Ivanauskas, Lithuania ->
Star of the Free Shooter Organization, Star of Gediminas.

Juhan Jaik, Estonia ->
Medal of war of independence

Alfred Johann Theophil Jansa von Tannenau, Germany ->
Great Silver Badge of Honour of the Austrian Republic; Knight Iron Crown, III. class, with Swords; Military Cross of Merits with Swords; Silver and Bronze Signum Laudis with Swords; Royal Prussian Iron Cross I. and II. class; Royal Bavarian Military Cross of Merits II. class, with Swords; Imperial Turkish Iron Halfmoon Order; etc.

Rajmund Jarosz, Poland ->
For his activity in the endeavors to gain Political Independence

Tytus Jarzyna, Poland ->
Silver Cross of Merit, Independent Medal

Josef Jungwirth, Austria ->
Medals in Petersburg, Munich and Vienna

Janie Kalatz, Latvia ->
Order of Imperial Russia, T.S.O.L., Order of the Aizsargi of Latvian Red Cross Order, I. class; the Swastika of Association of Latvian Scouts; the Cross of Association of Aizsargi and I. class, Belgium Red Cross Medal

August, Ritter von Kral, Austria ->
Knight Iron Crown Order Austrian. II. class; Great Golden Badge of Honour with the Star of the Austrian Republic; Great cross Royal Albanian Skanderberg Order, etc.

Ures Krulj, Yugoslavia ->
Yugoslavian Crown Order, with cordon Star of Karageorgevic; White Eagle Order; Red Cross Order; Cordon of Great Phoenix Order

Ants (Laidman) Laipman, Estonia ->
Did not accept any decoration, except the title Doctor honoris causa

Franz Langenberg, Czechoslovakia ->
Honorable distinctions; diploma from exhibitions; military service with 42nd Austro Hungarian infantry regiment, then Czechoslovakian army resigned December 31, 1918

Philip Alexaius Laszlo de Lombos, England ->
Commander of the Royal Spanish Order of Isabella la Catholica; Commander of the Hohenzollern House Order

Katie Malecka, Poland ->
Crown of Polish Independence

Gustav von Myrdacz, Albania ->
4 Austrian orders, 1 Turkish war decoration, Grand Cordon of Skanderberg Order

Antoine de Okolo-Koulak, Poland ->
Polish Cross for Independence

Anna Papadopoulo, Greece ->
Elisabeth Order from Austria for the nursing of the wounded Austrian prisoners, several Greek decorations

Coriolan Petranu, Rumania ->
Maria Cross of German Knights

Ferdinand Prazsky-Slavkovsky, Czechoslovakia ->
Order of M. R. Stefánik "Sokol", I. class; Russian Cross of St. George; Czechoslovakian War Cross; French Medal; Medal of the Entente; Medal of Czechoslovakian revolution

Robert Baron Procházka, Austria ->
Maria Theresian Cross for the assault of Zaleszczycki in East-Galicia (highest Military Order of the former Austro Hungarian Monarchy)

Georges Rhallys, Greece ->
military navy service medal for wars against the Turcs in 1912

Nikolems Rotta, ? ->
Golden Cross for Merits with the Crown; and Silver Badge of Honor from the Austrian Republic

Alois Prince Schönburg-Hartenstein, Austria ->
Maria Theresia Order; Knight Grand Cross of the Leopold Order with the "Kriegsdekoration"; Great Military Medal for distinguished service on the ribbon of the Military Cross for distinguished service with Swords; Military Cross II. class with the "Kriegsdekoration; Medal for war Invalids with 2 middle strips; War Medal; Silver Jubilee Court ;Medal; Jubilee Medal for the army; Military Jubilee Cross; Prussian Iron Cross, I. class

Nedlka Simeonova, Bulgaria ->
Maria Immaculata, Cecilia Charlotte, Elisabeth Princess Reuss, and a medal from King Boris of Bulgaria

Josef Sneidarek, Czechoslovakia ->
Commander of St. Michael and St. George of Great Britain, Commander of Italian Crown, Commander of the Legion of Honour of France, War Cross with 3 palmes of France, War Cross with 3 palmes of Czechoslovakia, Grand Cross of the Crown of Rumania, Grand commander of the Nicham Alaouite of Morocco, Grand commander of St. Sava of Yugoslavia and War decorations of French colonial expeditions;

Marie Bianka Joanne Countess Wielopolska, Poland ->
Orletta Order (for the Ukrainian insurrection, during which she was imprisoned and judged by the War Tribunal for insurgents)

Solon George Xenakis, Switzerland ->
Of the first Balkan War (Greco-Turkish) with the swords, of the second Balkan War (Greco-Bulgarian), and of the World War

Titus Zbyszewski, Poland ->
Virtuti Military, Gold Cross of Merit, upon his departure from Jerusalem, his name was placed in the Jewish Golden Book due to his activity during disturbances in Palestine

Petar Zivkovic, Yugoslavia ->
Albanian Medal for decoration; Montenegrinian and Bulgarian War Cross; Officer French Legion of Honour; French War Cross with Palms; Greek St. Stanislaus Order, III. class; War Medal with swords; White Lyon Order, I. class (Czechoslovakia); Grand cross of the Bulgarian St. ALexandre Order.