Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Hélène d'Abancourt de Franqueville, Cracow ->
Her great great grandfather Augustin, nephew of the Minister of War for Louis XIV, emigrated to Poland at the time of the revolution.

Ahmed Mouhtar bey, Stamboul ->
His mother is the great-granddaughter of Mehmed Ali Pacha, founder of the Egyptian Dynasty. Mehmed Ali Pashi promoted Imail Pacha with the title of »Gibraltar« as he traversed for the first time the straits of Gibraltar with an Egyptian sailing boat to join his post in Bordeaux as ambassador with Napoleon I.

Karel Václav Adámek, Hlinsko ->
His great-grandfather Václav Frantisek Hrib (1760-1827), Bohemian author and stage manager of Shakespeare's dramas in Hlinsko.

Milan Glavinic, Belgrade ->
His great-grand father Kosta, was pioneer for the communal politic, for the cooperative life, for the amelioration of village life.

Adam Kasimierz Majewski, Lublin ->
His great-grandfather Adam, member of the National Government in 1863, was exiled to Siberia.

Jean Rhallys, Psychiko near Athens ->
His great-grandfather Alexandre Rhallys was a Turkish diplomat. In 1821 at the outbreak, (of the war, Ed.) he was called back to Constantinople and was executed the same day as Patriarch Gregory. His grandfather, the son of the latter, who was then 14 years old, could escape to Odessa (Russia) where he was taken care of by a friend of his father Rodakanaki, who sent him to Paris to study law.

Spyros Travlos, Athens ->
His great-granduncle, the Count Andre Metaxas, was President of Council of the revolutionary government in 1862, dismissing King Othon and placing George I. on the throne.

Samuel Mützner, Bucharest ->
His grandparents have emigrated from Russia.

Alexandre, Emmanuel Batek, Prague ->
His grandmother came from the Netherlands to Prague where her son Lambert founded a new trade "Kniestreicher and Oelmacherzunft" in Bohemia of which he was the first master.

Ägidius Jahn, Vienna ->
Grandmother Kleissl, is originally from an old Tyrolian family which came to Pilsen in 1774.

Karel Absolon, Bruno ->
His Grandfather Heinrich Wankel was »The father of Moravian Pre-history«. (a famous naturalist)

Karel Václav Adámek, Hlinsko
His Grandfather Jan (1811-86) was an industrialist.

Pericles Argyropoulo, Athens ->
His Grandfather Pericles was a member of the Anglophile Party under King Othou.

Anna Slonczynska (De Vertno), Warsaw ->
Her grandfather Antoine Sloncsynski fought for Polish liberty and participated in the insurrection against Russia in 1830. The insurrection soon broken down and he had to emigrate and take refuge in Paris. His property was confiscated.

Sophie de (pen name Sophie Kossak Szczucka) Szatkowska, Gorki Wielkie ->
Her Grandfather was the famous painter of water colours Jules de Kossak, pupil of Horace Vernet.

Hélène d'Abancourt de Franqueville, Cracow ->
Her grandfather Francois Xavier organized and took an active part in the National life of Poland and in the restitution of the Polish language in the public life of the Polish nation under the Austrian obedience towards the middle of the XIX. Century.

Démètre, Prince Ghica, Bucharest ->
His Grandfather S.A. Prince Gregoire Ghica X., was the last reigning Prince of Moldavia, 1848-1856.

Milan Glavinic, Belgrade ->
His grandfather maternal, was a manufacturer of tobacco which was imported from Turkey.

Ernst Fürth, Vienna ->
His grandfather Bernhard Fürth founded in 1838 under the name of »Bernard Fürth« a match factory in Schüttenhofen, which he brought after a short time to importance and good reputation. After his death, Daniel Fürth, his father, took over the factory.

Wladyslaw Grabowski, Lutago, Gdynia ->
His Father and grandfather were of Polish Ukrainian origin and took part in the Polish insurrection of 1831 and 1863. Having all their wealth confiscated by the Russians, they took refuge in the Austrian part of Poland (Galicia).

Stefan Hristic (Christitch), Belgrade
His Grandfather Nicolas was a Minister President known by his firmety and energy. He left memoirs which according to his last will, shall be published only 50 years after his death.

Tamara Jankowa, Sofia ->
Her mother's father was one of the conspirators who dethroned in 1886 the Czar Alexander of Battenberg. He had to emigrate to Russia where he stayed for 12 years and through an amnesty he was allowed to come back to Bulgaria. He published a book with folksongs, many of them he heard from his mother - a well known folk singer,

Victor Kafka, Hamburg ->
His grandfather was a Medical Doctor also known in England and America.

Beata Obertynska-Wolska, Lwów ->
Her grandfather maternal was a painter and his wife a sculptress, who does drawings and is an author of novels and a translator of German and French Works.

Demetre Kambouroglous, Athens ->
His grandfather maternal of the noble Athenian family, Sotiranos Verondas, was one of the Athenians who was taken as hostage by the Turks in 1821 at the insurrection.

Bronislawa Keuprulian-Wojcik, Warsaw ->
His Grandfather Jean Krystyniacki, translated into Polish the works of St. Joan Chrysostome.

Adam Kasimierz Majewski, Lublin ->
His Grandfather Józef fought in the revolution in 1831 where he was wounded.

Ahmed Mouhtar bey, Stamboul ->
His grandfather is the grandson through his mother of the high savant Kalenhevi Ismail efendi one of the founders of the School of Profits under the government of Sultan Selim the III, friend and ally of Napoleon the Great.

Zsolt de Harsányi, Budapest ->
His grandfather Karl de Harsan, Member of Parliament and President of the Hungarian Society of Arts, detected the talent of the great Hungarian painter Michael Munkácsy and sent him abroad to learn.

Georges Pesmazoglu, Athens ->
His grandfather paternal, the Admiral Miaoulis, was first a corsair, and after having forced the blockade of Spain, was made prisoner by Admiral Nelson. The Admiral asked him what he should do with him, to which question Miaoulis replied: "If I would be in your place, I would have hanged you on the mast of my vessel, and you have to do the same", Nelson was so amazed over his courage and frankness that he gave him his liberty and rendered military honors to his vessel.

Milos Ruppeldt, Bratislava ->
His Grandfather Peter Augustiny was imprisoned for more than 6 months by the Hungarians during the Revolution of 1848-1849 in Hungary, on account of his being a Slovakian patriot.

Hermann Suida, Vienna ->
His Grandfather Böhm von Böhmersheim, was a founder of modern heating and ventilation technic.

Gustav Vejsicky, Prague ->
His grandfather Gustav Pflanzer with his brother Vilém and with Voita Náprstek took part in the revolutionary movement of Czechs against the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1848. Because of the suppression of the revolution they fled to America. After a few years of staying in the New World they were allowed to return.