Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Hans Anton Adler, Vienna ->
International Committee of Criminal Police

Andrew Andeades, Athens ->
Committee celebrating Byron`s centenary.

Helger Andersen, Copenhagen ->
Committee for the exchange of the Greek and Turkish Population 2

Paul von Auer de Alsóterény, Budapest ->

Committee for the Delimitation of the Hungarian Borders

Félix Avedik, Budapest ->
Committee for Counter Revolution

Antonin Bohác, Prague-Dejvice ->
Committee for emigration and colonization at the Ministry of Social Welfare

Ahmet Dakli, Elbasan ->
Committee of the first Albanian High school for Teachers

Viktor Fischmeister, Vienna ->
Committee for War-time economics; Committee for the "Protection of Austrian Property in the Countries of the former Enemies"

Mehdi Frasheri, Tirana ->
Balkan Committee of London

Antonin Frinta, Prague ->
National Committee of Y.M.C.A. (Young Men's Christian Association) in Czechoslovakia

Nathan Michael Gelber, Vienna ->
Austrian Pro-Palestine Committee

Hugo Iltis, Brno ->
Committee for the Erection of a Mendel Monument

Alfred Johann Theophil Jansa von Tannenau, Berlin ->
Disarmament Committee in Geneva

Gustav Jungbauer, Prague ->
Labour Committee for the German Folksong

Stanislaw Jurkiewicz, Warsaw ->
Committee of Liquidation of affairs of the old Polish Kingdom

Arnold Kiss, Budapest ->
Committee in charge of the Rabbi-School in Hungaria

Stanislaw Kot, Cracow ->
National Polish Committee with residence in Cracow

Stephan Kyroff, Sofia ->
Committee of Federation with Turkey and the other Balkan States

Konstantinas Lapinas, Kaunas ->
Committee for the return of the refugees to their country

Attoma Lorusso, Tirana ->
Committee for Albania of the Dante Alighieri Society; Member of the Executive Committee of the "Fascio" of Tirana

Prokop Maxa, Sofia ->
Executive committee of the realist political party of Masaryk

Georg Mercouris, Athens ->
Committee for the verification of mandates

Ahmed Mouhtar bey, Stamboul ->
Committee "Union et Progrès"

Stefanoff Nenoff, Sofia ->
Committee for rebuilding of destroyed houses

Alexandre Papanastarin, Athens ->
Committee for the constitution of the republic

Josef Páta, Prague ->
Revolutionary Committee "Národ" (People)

Petar Perunovic-Perun, Belgrade ->
Committee to organize a volunteer army out of the Yugoslavs living in U.S.A

Jon (Jean) Pillat, Bucharest ->
Committee of the Rumanian association for the League of Nations

Stefan Starzynski, Warsaw ->
Committee for the Re-evacuation of Moscow

Franziskus Methodius Zampach, Brno ->
Committee of the Czechoslovakian National Party for the Province Moravia-Silesia