Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Camille, Vitéz Aggházy, (age 33) ->
was released from Serbian captivity as an invalid.

Pericles Argyropoulo, (age 34) ->
organized the revolutionary movement in Salonica.

Artur Bodanzky, (age 38) ->
began with the Metropolitan Opera Association New York.

Krsto Cicvaric, (age 36) ->
became an Austrian war prisoner.

Viktor Eglitis, (age 38) ->
began fighting in the political struggle for freedom.

Casimir Fabrycy, (age 27) ->
was nominated commander.

János Friedrich, (age 18) ->
was a Lieutenant at the Russian and Italian fronts.

Gordon Gordon-Smith, (age 47) ->
was with the Serbian army and made the retreat through Albania.

Franz Gruss, (age 24) ->
became prisoner of war in Trotzkoe, Siberia.

Francis Hanaman, (age 37) ->
was the first to propose the nitration of steel.

Karl Heinold, (age 53) ->
became again Governor in Moravia.

Emil Hellebrand, (age 38) ->
became a prisoner of war in Turkestan.

Juhan Jaik, (age 26) ->
was as separatist sent by the Russian Government to Siberia.

Janie Kalatz, (age 47) ->
was in China.

Alexandre Kissioff, (age 36) ->
became commander in chief of the Royal Garde.

Karel Konvalinka, (age 30) ->
became teacher and conductor of the singing club "Smetana" in Neustadt, Moravia.

Ludwik Krzywicki, (age 56) ->
became a member of Warsaw civil committee.

Konstantinas Lapinas, (age 52) ->
founded a relief association for refugees.

Ants Lauter, (age ?) ->
was an officer on the frontier and in Russian service.

Joseph Lipski, (age 21) ->
Participated in the Conference of Locarno.

Drago Marusic, (age ?) ->
entered the Serbian Army as volunteer.

Djoko Mazalic, (age 27) ->
became First Lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian Army.

Samuel Mützner, (age 31) ->
had an exhibition of works inspired by Japan in the Ralston Gallery of New York on Fifth Avenue.

Karel Polacek, (age 23) ->
became a soldier.

André Protitch, (age 40) ->
was a correspondent for Military News of the Bulgarian Chief Army-Commander.

Paul Schiemann, (age 39) ->
was wounded.

Artur Sliwinski, (age ?) ->
became President of the National Central Committee which was the head of the political movement fighting for the Polish independence against Russia.

John Szmurlo, (age 48) ->
organized the medical surveyance of the Warsaw public schools.

Jaromir Weinberger, (age 19) ->
published several works including an "Overture to a comedy", a piano sonata and a pantomime stage work entitled: "Evelin's Elopement".