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Vacaresco, Hélène
Rumanian Delegate to the League of Nations; in: Bucharest, Rumania; Address: Avenue Kléber 39, Paris, France; 2nd Residence: Castel Vacaresti, Dimbovitza, Rumania; Father: John, Minister Plenipotentiary; Mother: Falcoyano; Education: In the old family-castle and in Paris by an English governess
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Vacátko, Louis
Painter and sculptor; Born: 1875; in: Vienna, Austria; Address: Villa 205, Praha-Veleslavinova, Czechoslovakia; 2nd Residence: Schloßhof Hrubá, Skala, Turnau, Czechoslovakia; Father: Charles, engineer, landed proprietor, town-councillor at Pardubice; Mother: Frances Wermer; Spouce: Sophie Tuma of Waldkampf, 1898; Marie Pernikárová, 1922; Education: Secondary School, Military Academy, Academy of Fine Arts at Prague and Munich
Tomas Masaryk
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Vachiotti, Virgiliu
Merchant; Born: 1895; in: Macedonia, Rumania; Address: Str. Carol 124, Constanza, Rumania; Spouce: Anna Rizescou, 1924; Education: Commercial School in Jannina, Greece

Vackova, Ruzena
; in: Velké Mezirici, Czechoslovakia Address: State Hygiene Institute, Prague, XII, Czechoslovakia; Father: Sigmund Vasátko, Doctor of Law, lawyer; Mother: Emilie Komarek; Spouce: Bohumil Vacek, Medical Doctor, Director of State Zdrav. Ustav, 1898; Education: Secondary School, Girl's Training School, private studies
During the World War...

Valdemaras, A.
Politician; writer; Born: 1883; in: Kaunas, Lithuania; Education: Petrograd University
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Vardala, Jean
Engineer; Inspector general; director general of the autonomic state administration of ports; temporarily general secretary of Ministry of Public Works and of Communications; Born: 1872; in: Buzau, Rumania; Address: Boul. Tacha Joneco 38, Bucharest, Rumania; Father: Demetre, director of Post and Telegraphs; Mother: Anna Derussi; Spouce: Olga Grimani, 1906; Education: Doctor of letters and science, engineer, diploma of Central School of Arts and Manufacturing of Paris
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Varnas, Adomas
Painter (portraits, landscapes, caricatures); Born: 1879; in: Jonichkis, district of Chiaouliai, Lithuania; Address: Traku gt. 12, Kaunas, Lithuania; Telephone: 845; Father: Joseph, agriculturer; Mother: Franachas; Spouce: Marie Couraitis, 1919; Education: 2 courses of ecclesiastic seminaries; Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland, School of Fine Arts in Geneva, Switzerland
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Vasilesco, Constantin M.
Engineer; enterpriser of Public Works; Born: 1870, Rumania; Address: 54 Bl. Lascar Catargia, Bucharest, Rumania; Spouce: Florica Vasilescu; Education: Licentiate Polytechnical School

Vasilesco-Valjan, Jean
Advocate; man of letters; Born: 1881; in: Turnu Magurele, Rumania; Address: Str. Culmea 8, Bucharest, Rumania; 2nd Residence: Predeal, Rumania; Father: Alexandre Vasilesco; Mother: Elise Bratasano, functionary; Spouce: Victoire Tasulesco, 1904; Education: Doctor of Law, Paris
The Famous and Prominent

Vavrin, Frantisek
Bank Official; Born: 1884; in: Prague, Czechoslovakia; Address: Anglo-Czechoslovakian and Credit Bank, Prague, Czechoslovakia; Telephone: 317-41; Father: Josef, Director of Brewery; Mother: Vilma Konová Spouce: Anna Ruzicková, 1916; Education: Highschool of commerce

Vejsicky, Gustav
Engineer; Technical Councillor in Chief of the Ministry of Public Hygiene and Physical Education; Born: 1881; in: Kolin nad Dabem, Czechoslovakia; Address: 193, Krizovnické nám 2, Prague, I, Czechoslovakia; Father: Rudolf, Public and State Railway Engineer; Mother: Laura Pflanzer; Spouce: Zdenka Sturz, 1909; Education: Czech College, High Technical School and post-graduate study at Charles University at Prague

Ventura, Steffi
Academic painter; authoress; in: Vienna, Austria; Address: Trattnerhof 1, Vienna, I., Austria; Telephone: B-40-5-93; Father: Hermann; Mother: Marie Waldner; Spouce: Vitalis Ventura of Constantinople (children: 2 sons, 3 daughters)
Painters of Portraits

Verebely, László de
Professor of Electric Engineering; Born: 1883; in: Budapest, Hungary; Address: Petöfi utca 18, Budapest, IV, Hungary; Telephone: 880-30; Father: László, Professor of Surgery, Medical Doctor, at the Budapest University; Mother: Ida Pscherer; Spouce: Judita de Bókay; Education: Technical Highschool, Mechanical Engineering, Diploma, Royal Technical University Budapest
Railways and Trams
Electricity and Engineering

Vitols, Alfred
Professor; Born: 1878; Address: University, Riga, Latvia; Father: Michels, teacher; Mother: Roop; Spouce: Marie Bischof, 1908; Education: Classical College Riga, Engineer Institute for the building of roads in St. Petersburg
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Vries, Axel de
Chief Editor of the Reval (Tallinn) Newspaper; Born: 1862; in: On the manorial estate Wredensitz, Estonia; Address: Endla 2, Reval (Tallinn), estate of Addila, Estonia; Telephone: 453-84; Father: Franz, owner of manorial estate; Mother: Boustedt; Spouce: Else Zoege von Manteuffel; Education: Knight- and religous-School in Reval (Tallinn), juridical studies
Underground Work; Political Imprisonment
German Minorites