Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Political Parties

Jänis Akuraters, Latvia ->
Democratic Party of Latvia

Apostol Alexandris, Greece ->
Liberal Party

Josef Anders, Czechoslovakia ->
Sudeten-German Home Front

Anastase Aravantinos, Greece ->
Democratic party

Pericles Argyropoulo, Greece ->
Liberal Party

Suleyman, Bey Asaf, Turkey ->
Turkish Republican Peoples Party

Joachim Aszkenazy, Poland ->
Polish State Party

Eftim Baba, Turkey ->
Republican Party

Velimir Bajkitch, Yugoslavia ->
National Committee of the European Democratic Union

Arthur Balogh (de Galantha), Romania ->
Hungarian Party in Romania

Gabriel Baranaiu, Bukovina, Romania
National Czarist Party

Alexandre, Emmanuel Batek, Czechoslovakia ->
Masaryk Party

Ivan Bause, Czechoslovakia ->
Christian Socialist Party, before the war a member of Adyar (a theosophical society)

Arved Berg, Latvia ->
Latvian National Association

Anna Berkovcova, Czechoslovakia ->
Before the World War Member of the Realists Party founded by Professor Masaryk; after the World War Member Agrarian Party

Blasius de Bethlen Bethlen, Transsylvania, Rumania ->
Does not take part in politics since the change of Imperium (December 1918)

Johann Bodo von Diosad, Hungary ->
Unity Party

Stefan Bogdan, Rumania ->
National Liberty Party (Duca);

Felicie Bortkiewicz, Lithuania ->
Democratic Peasant Party

Wiktor Chajes, Poland ->
Polish Jewish Party

Emanuel Chobot, Czechoslovakia ->
In the Czech Parliament for the Polish minorities since 1929

Christos Christovassilis, Greece ->
Royalist Party

Hélène d'Abancourt de Franqueville, Poland ->
no political party

Mayer Ebner, Rumania ->
Jewish National Party

Paraschevas Economou, Greece ->
Royalist Party

Haim Farchy, Bulgaria ->
National Party

Viliam Figus-Bystry, Czechoslovakia ->
Slovakian National Party

Adam Fischer, Poland ->
Polish Conservative Party

Neagoe Flondor, Rumania ->
"Garde de Fer" (Iron Guard), a fascist organization

Ernst Fürth, Austria ->
No political party

Wysocki, von Anton Godziemba, Poland ->
National Party

Julius Gömbös de Jákfa, Hungary ->
Race-Defence Party

Demetriadis (literary name Wr. Demetre P.) Golfis Rigas, Greece ->
Radical Socialist Party

Thadeus Grabowski, Brazil ->
Polish Government Party

Grégoire Graur, Romania ->
National Peasant Party

Arthur Greiser, Danzig
Danzig German Social Party, since 1925; of the Danzig Volstag since 1930; now member of National Socialist Party

Carlo Alberto Maria, Count Grillenzoni, Greece ->
Fascist Party since 1920

Anna (penname: Haava) Haavakivi, Estonia ->
She does not belong to any political party, but loves the whole of her small country with all its population.

Andreas Hlinka, Czechoslovakia ->
Slovakian Popular Party

Bronislaw Huberman, Austria ->
Paneuropean Party

Jerzy de Hulewicz, Poland ->
Party of Marshal Pilsudski

Momtchilo Ivkovitch, Yugoslavia ->
Yugoslav National Party

Juhan Jaik, Estonia ->
National Conservative Democratic Party

Frantisek Jarnos, Czechoslovakia ->
Czech Republican Party

Rajmund Jarosz, Poland ->
Government Party

Tytus Jarzyna, Poland ->
Government party

Cicerone Jordachescu, Rumania ->
No political party

Mark Kakarriqi, Albania ->
The King's Party

Christo Kalfoff, Bulgaria ->
Progressive Party of the Democratic Union

Othmar Kallina, Czechoslovakia ->
German National Party, Prague parliament since its formation in 1920

Nikolai Kann, Estonia ->
Estonian Conservative Peasant Party

Anthony Kedras, Greece
Independent Party; promoter of New Movement towards Greek moral political and social renaissance; leader of the National Renaissance Party

Vaclav Klofac, Czechoslovakia ->
Czechoslovakian National Socialist Party

Egon Koch, Estonia ->
German Baltic Party

Henri Koral, Poland ->
Former Polish Socialist Party

Panto Krekic, Yugoslavia ->
Socialist Party

Ures Krulj, Yugoslavia ->
Yugoslavian National Party

Jaroslav Kubista, Czechoslovakia ->
Czech National Socialist Party

Alexander Kugler, Burgenland, Austria ->
Patriotic League

Bruno Kurowski, Poland ->
Parliament, first of the Constitutional Assembly, then of the diet; during the same time Chairman of the Center-Fraction of this Parliament; from 1925-1933 member of the Danzig Government

Stephan Kyroff, Bulgaria ->
The Radical Party (the party of the peace), which he left when it declared itself for the war, 1912

J.W. Latziky-Bertoldi, Latvia ->
Jewish People's Party

Attoma Lorusso, Albania ->
Fascist National Party

Jan (Jean) Malypetr, Czechoslovakia ->
The republican section of the agricultural and farmers party

Francesco Mameli, ? ->
?Fascist Party

Ernst Marton, Rumania ->
The Jewish Party for Transylvania

Guido Matschenz, Turkey ->
N.S.D.A.P. in Germany

Prokop Maxa, Bulgaria ->
The Czechoslovak National Socialist Party

Georg Mercouris, Greece ->
Greek National-Socialist Party as leader

Panagiotis Papayanuopoulos, Greece ->
Popular Party, antivenizellist, antiparliamentarist

Adolf Procházka, Czechoslovakia ->
Czechoslovakian Catholic People's Party

Kazimierz Teofil Purwin, Poland ->
Democratic political Party

Robert Reiter, Rumania ->
German Party

Bedrich (Friedrich) Riha, Czechoslovakia ->
National Party

Milos Ruppeldt, Czechoslovakia ->
Slovakian National Party

Hans Schmid, Austria ->
Former Christian Socialist Party; of the "Vaterländische Front" since 1933

Bohuslav Sida, Czechoslovakia ->
Czechoslovakian Social democratic Party

Alexander Stalysky, Bulgaria ->
Fascist Party

Aleksander Steinhardt, Poland ->
Zionistic Party

Spyros Travlos, Greece ->
Popular Party with socialist tendencies

A. Valdemaras, Lithuania ->
The Iron Wolf, a Lithuanian Fascist Party

Adomas Varnas, Lithuania ->
National Republic Party

Solon George Xenakis, Switzerland ->
Liberal Party

Streten Yakshich (Jaksic), Yugoslavia ->
Yugoslavian Social Democratic Party

Franziskus Methodius Zampach, Czechoslovakia ->
Czechoslovakian National Party