Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Henryk Arctowski, Lwów ->
Peace Conference

Mehdi Frasheri, Tirana ->
Conference of Lausanne

Felix Goller, Prague ->
Conference of the Economic Section of the Society of Nations, 1926

Thaddée Jackowski, Brussels ->
Locarno Conference

Cicerone Jordachescu, jud. Baia ->
Conference in London about "The state of things in his country during the great war"

Anna Karima, Sofia ->
Balkan Conference in Salonica, Greece

Theodore König, Budapest ->
International Conference for the Simplification of Customs

Stepenas Kolupaida, Kaunas ->
World Power Conference

Mehmed Konitza, Tirana ->
Conference of ambassadors in London in 1913; National Group for the Balkan Conference

Stephan Kyroff, Sofia and Kniajevo ->
Balkan Conference in Athens 1930

Joseph Lipski, Berlin ->
Conference of Locarno 1915, The Hague, 1929 and 1933

Henryk Loewenherz, Lwów and Warsaw ->
Conference of Peace of Versailles and Saint-Germain

Paul Nicorescu, Jassy ->
International conference of emigrants and immigrants 1924 in Rome

Jon (Jean) Pillat, Bucharest ->
Conference of peace in Paris

Kaarel Robert Pusta, Tallinn ->
Peace Conference of San Remo in 1920; Conference of the Baltic States in Riga in 1920; Conference in Barcelona, Spain, in 1920

Husrew Bey Ridvanbeyaglu, Istanboul and Teheran ->
Conference of London

Ladislas Sikorski (de Kopaszyna), Warsaw and Paris ->
Conference of Ambassadors (March 15, 1923) Secret Work; Arrest and Internment for Political Reasons