Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Kyrill Christoff, Prague-Dejvice ->
Since 12 years he is living as a volunteer emigrant in foreign countries.

Jean Djonovitch, Tirana ->
While an emigrant he sojourned partly in Serbia, Turkey and U.S.A. In this latter country he displayed great activity in 1911-1912, 1915 and 1928 where he founded two newspapers: "Narodna misao" and "Oslobedjenje" of which he was Editor in Chief.

Antoni Dobrowaolski, Warsaw ->
made political actions against the Russian occupation, became a political prisoner (1891-94); was expatriated to the Caucasus, and emigrated for political reasons to Switzerland and Belgium.

Onisifor Ghibu Cluj, Cluj ->
was a professor and journalist in Bessarabia and a member of the National Council of Rumania. He emigrated from Austro Hungaria (Odessa 1917-1918).

Stanislas Grabski, In district of Lowiez, Lwów ->
In his youth was socialist, he emigrated from Russian Poland in 1890; and was banished from Austria in 1891. Through intersession by the University of Cracow he obtained the permission to live in Austria in 1901.

Benedykt Hertz, Warsaw ->
In 1894 he became a state prisoner due to a Polish patriotic manifestation. In 1906 became an emigrant, in 1914 became editor in Chief of a newspaper in Wilno, and in 1920 a volunteer soldier.

Mihajlo Pupin, New York City ->
At the age of 15 he emigrated to America where he worked in a factory and attended evening school. He is a world-wide known famous inventor.

Alexander Tonelli, Szeged ->
In 1909 he traveled as a lecturer through the Eastern part of the United States to investigate the living conditions of the Hungarian emigrants.

Adomas Varnas, Kaunas ->
emigrated to the West of Europe for political reasons and sojourned in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy (Sicily) since 1903-1913. At the Academy of Arts of Cracow he studied drawing. In 1913 he returned to Vilna on account of an amnesty for political emigrants (manifest of the Czar on account of 300 years commemoration of the Imperial Romanov Family).