Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Since ...

Franz Heller, post Bohemia-Leipa ->
Since 1892 labourer.

Jiri Karásek ze Lvovic, Prague ->
Worked as poet since 1892.

Szidonia Rákosi, Budapest ->
Has her own theater School in Budapest since 1884

Henri Sebillon, Sofia ->
Electrician since the creation of electricity (1899).

Arnold Kiss, Budapest ->
Since 1901 High Rabbi in charge in Budapest.

Sárl Fedák, Pestszentlörincz ->
Actress since 1902

Boleslaw Hryniewiecki, Warsaw ->
Since 1904 in charge of botanic courses at the Botanic Garden.

Friedrich Feigl, Zbraslav near Prague ->
Since 1905 married, lives in Berlin since 1933

Géza Herczeg, Vienna ->
Activity as newspaper journalist since 1906

Siegmann Apfelmann, Zilina ->
Since 1908 is the director of the wood department of the Zilina Cellulose Factory in Zilina

Casimir Fabrycy, Warsaw ->
Since 1908 service with a military organization

Jerzy de Hulewicz, Glodowo ->
Since 1911 owner of the landestate Koscianki, where he was cultivating the bringing up of purebred horses, painting and literature.

John Count Mikes, Szombathely ->
Bishop of Szombathely, Hungary, since 1911

Ladislaus von Bekeffi, Budapest ->
Actor since 1911

Alexander Fenyö, Budapest ->
Since 1913 active in the film industry

Rajmund Jarosz, Drhobycz ->
Since 1913 head of the Shooting Organization of Drohobycz

Ernest Gal, Budapest ->
In the moving picture industry since 1914

Artur Bodanzky, New York ->
Since 1915 with the Metropolitan Opera Association New York

Wilhelm Borowicz, Lwóws ->
Since 1918 in Poland

Paul Jakubenas, Kaunas; summer residence: Birzai ->
Since 1918 in the community of Birzai.

Tamara Jankowa, Sofia ->
Since 1918 takes an active part in Bulgarian Musical life

Karl Korschann, Brno ->
Since 1918 at Brno

Ants Lauter, Tallinn ->
Since 1918 stage manager and actor on Estonian Theaters.

Janko Sakasoff, Sofia ->
Since 1918 Chief of the Socialistic Party in the Sobranje.

Constantin Tanase, Bucharest ->
Since 1918 director of theatre Carabus with a cast of 200 persons.

Franziskus Methodius Zampach, Brno ->
Since 1918 member of the Executive Committee of the Czechoslovakian National Party for the Province Moravia-Silesia.

Marian Zdziechowski, Wilno ->
Since 1918 polemical writer against the Russian bolshevism.

Arttur Kannisto, Helsingfors ->
Secretary of the Finnish Ugrian Society in Helsingfors, since 1919.

Agathon Lüdig, Tallinn ->
Since 1919 Tallinn, Estonia-Theater

Koloman von Doroghy, Budapest. ->
Since being in exile in 1920 he is a practicing lawyer in Budapest

Ägidius Jahn, Vienna. ->
School Inspector of the Czechoslovakian schools in Austria, since 1920

Edvard Kalnins, Riga ->
Since 1920 in Riga

Felix Niekrasz (Nekrach), Torun ->
Since 1920 with the Prefecture Office of Polish Pomerania.

Maxime Agapoff (Tagansky), Agapoff ->
Since January 11, 1921, I am in Yugoslavia

Alexander Albrecht, Bratislava ->
Since 1921 leader in the cathedral of St. Martin.

Gustav Brecher, Berlin-Dahlem ->
Since 1921 lives in Berlin where he devotes himself to the concert activity

Assimbeg Mutevelic, Sarajevo ->
Since 1921 with "Muteveli".

Gustav von Myrdacz, Tirana ->
Since 1921 in the Albanian army.

Alexander Paldrook, Tartu ->
General Major since 1921

Hans Anton Adler, Vienna ->
Since 1922 concerned with with the prevention of falsification of money and securities.

Jaroslav Bartoschek, Bratislava ->
Since 1922 Director of the Tramway and local and electric railway in Bratislava.

Victor Benesch, Klatovy ->
Since May 1, 1922 Director of forests and crown lands in Bistrice

Simon Fuerstenberg, Bedzin ->
Since 1922 he occupies the same position

Anna Papadopoulo, Rovies Euboae ->
Since 1922 worked for the refugees of Asia-Minor

Ludwig Sosnowski-Solski, Warsaw ->
Since 1922 member and Director of the National Theater in Warsaw.

Alfred Arnold, Budapest ->
Since 1923 General manager of the Ajkai Coal Mines Stock Company

Antonin Fencl, Prague-Podoli ->
Since 1923 owner of the "Arena" in Prague (revues and operettas)

Arthur Hoenig, Blumau near Felixdorf ->
Technical Director of the Explosive Works since February 1, 1923

Joe Pasternak, Budapest ->
Since 1923 film branch activity.

Bogdan Milankovich, Sarajevo ->
President of the Sarajevo Philharmonic since 1923.

Kazimierz Petrusewicz, Wilno ->
Lawyer since 1923.

Franziskus Methodius Zampach, Brno
Since 1923 Vice-President of the Life-Insurance Company of Moravia in Brno.

Eftim Baba, Istanbul ->
Since 1924 Chief of the Orthodox Turks in Istanbul.

Karl Kautsky, Vienna ->
Since 1924 in Vienna.

Aleksander Steinhardt, Przemysl ->
Since 1924 Director and Chief Physician of the Jewish Hospital in Przemysl.

Leon Tannenbaum, Drohobycz ->
Since 1924 President of the Jewish community of Drohobycz

Georges Kerekov, Sofia ->
Since 1925 correspondent of the Associated Press of America and of the "Intransigeant" of Paris.

Suzanne Rabska, Warsaw ->
Since 1925 she writes articles and literary "compte-rendus" in the newspaper "Kurjer Warszawski".

Jenö Antal, Budapest ->
Since 1926 a member of the Roth Quartet (second violin)

Arthur Balogh (de Galantha), Cluj ->
Since 1926 legal advisor to the Hungarian minorities in Romania

Demeter Doroschenko, Prague-Bubenec ->
Since 1926 Charles University Prague

Casimiera Illakowicz, Warsaw ->
Since May 1926 private secretary to the Marshal Pilsudski

Gustav Jallajas, Tallinn ->
Since 1926 in the postal-telegraph service.

Dimitrije Petrovic, Osijek ->
Since 1926 Director of the Electric Street Cars

Paraschevas Economou, Athens ->
Director of an Operetta Troup since 1927

Juozas (Joseph) Gabrys (Gabriess), Kaunas ->
Since 1927 service with Ministry of Traffic

Wiktor Michal Mazurowski, Rome ->
Since 1927 in Rome.

Robert Reiter, Timisoara ->
Since 1927 Chief Editor "Banater Deutsche Zeitung" (German newspaper for the Banat),

Georges Boross, Kolozsvár-Cluj (Klausenburg) ->
Since 1928 the only bishop of the Unitarians in the World

Gustav Jungbauer, Prague ->
Since 1928 founder and publisher of the "Sudentendeutschen Zeitschrift für Volkskunde"

Costas Politis, Athens ->
Since 1928 director of "Patris"

Leon Tannenbaum, Drohobycz
Since 1928 Vice President of Drohobycz.

Djurdje Jelenic, Belgrade ->
Director of the Yugoslavian State Archives, since 1928

Jaroslav Kubista, Aussig ->
Since 1929 financial reporter.

Helger Andersen, Copenhagen ->
President of Committee for the exchange of the Greek and Turkish Population since 1930

Gustav Jungbauer, Prague
Since 1930 Professor for German Folklore, German University at Prague

Alexander R. Leszcynski, Warsaw
Since 1930 in his present position

Juozas Maciunas, ? ->
Since 1930 Director of the Health Board, Ministry of Interior

Muharem Bajraktari, Tirana ->
Since 1931 is aide-de-camp of His Majesty King Zogu I of Albania

Jaroslaw Galia, Tallinn and Prague ->
Since 1931 in Tallinn.

Walter Kraemer, Katowice ->
Since 1931 sole owner of a firm which was established by his father 48 years ago

Maria Lhotova, Prague. ->
Since 1931 City Theater at Prague

Alexander Stalysky, Sofia ->
Since 1931 Head of the Bulgarian Fascist Party.

Dragolioub Yerenitch, Belgrade ->
Grand Chancellor of the Royal Yugoslavian Orders since 1931.

Titus Zbyszewski, Warsaw ->
Since March 1, 1931 Consul General of Poland in Chicago, United States

Otto Alscher, Orsova ->
Since 1932 have been writing only.

János Friedrich, Budapest ->
Director of the Hungarian National Economic Bank since 1932

Tytus Jarzyna, Craców ->
Director of Post-Office in Craców, since 193

Karel Konvalinka, Brno ->
Music pedagogue and editor of the school broadcasting in the radio magazine in Brno since 1932

Ants (Laidman) Laipman, Taebla ->
Since 1932 is living in the country near the bathing-resort Haafsalu

Jan (Jean) Malypetr, Prague ->
Since 1932 prime minister

Louis Zeyfert, Warsaw ->
Since May 1932 with Polish Air Lines.

M. Svetoslav Pomenoff, Berlin ->
Minister to Berlin since 1932

Ludwig Schmidts, Bucharest ->
Since 1932 gave concerts on the organ through Transylvania.

Epaminondas Cavvadias, Athens ->
Since 1933 Chief of the General Staff of the Navy

Michael Gellér, Budapest ->
Since 1933, President: Palatinus Park, Palatinus Hotel, Hotel Astoria, Hotel Palace, Budapest.

Iwan Iwanow, Sofia ->
Since June 26, 1933, first Mayor of Sofia.

Tontscho Peschoff, Sofia ->
Since 1933 director of street cars and city Electricity Works

Anton Pager, Budapest ->
Since 1933 in the "Belvárosi" Theatre; he is also known as a film actor.

Ludwig Schmidts, Bucharest I.
Since May 1933 Director of the Bucharest German Choir.

Stefan Starzynski, Warsaw ->
On leave since 1933 to accept position as Vice President of the State Economic Bank.