Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Karl Albert, Professor, Politician ->
Historic graphic objects; Owner of the graphic collection of Karl Kgietch the inventor of "deep printing"

Gitta Alpár, Actress and Opera Singer ->

Joan Apostolescu, Traffic Manager of the Romanian Railways ->
Smoking pipes

Mustafa Atif, Secretary of Agriculture, Turkey ->
Old books

Wilhelm Austerlitz, Director of the City Archives, Lwów ->
Historical and literary books especially concerning the History of Lwów and its important part in the civilization of the East

Elemér Balogh, retired general ->
Articles on Archduke Francis Ferdinand

Karl Barons, Medical Doctor ->
Latvian Folksongs

Albin Belar, Professor; Superintendent of Schools; Researcher on Earthquakes
Reports on earthquakes on grottes and caves

Eli Salomon Benuziglio, Writer ->

Parvu Boerescu, Lieutenant Colonel in reserve; owner and general director of firm "Reprezentanta Industrial Straina", special representantive of Vacuum Oil Company, representative of several World Industries ->
Postal stamps and coins

Stefan Bogdan, Professor, Pharmacological Faculty, Brasov, Rumania ->
Paintings (120 pictures of the famous Rumanian painter D. Stoica)

Jean Borgovan, Composer and physician ->
Rumanian antiquities

Grigorije Bozovic, Director of the Natural Science Institute of His Majesty the King of Bulgaria ->
Animals from the Balkan peninsula

E.F. Burian, Composer, Stage Manager, Theater-Manager ->
Modern popular songs

Nicolas Callogeropoulos, Director of Fine Arts and Literature; Minister of Public Instruction, ->
Icons Byzantine of modern art

Floria Capsali, Dancer, balletmaster ->
All publications on dancing

Vincent Cervinka, Writer and publicist ->
Bills of fare from all over Europe America Asia

George Chelmis, Director of the Theatre Cotopouli ->
Carpets and objects d'art

Krsto Cicvaric, Author and publicist ->
has the largest private library in Belgrad

Otokar Cila, Academic painter ->
Paintings of old masters

Ahmet Dakli, Mayor of Durazzo ->
Antique books

Bosko Desnica, Lawyer and Historian ->
Old arms coins and postage stamps

Antoni Dobrowaolski, Director General of railway Athens-Priaeus-Peleponnese ->
Artistic articles from Egypt

Ladislas Ecséry de Nagyecser, Bank Man, landowner ->
Antiquities books engravings, paintings, old arms and old musical clocks

Livius Faur, Engineer, Director of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Chief of the Banat Regional Industry Inspection ->
Flowers specially caktus and orchideas dogs and books

Viliam Figus-Bystry, Ordinary Professor of Ethnology and Ethnography at the John Casimir University in Lwów ->
Publications on ethnography of Europe and Asia

Friedrich Funder, Chief-Editor of the "Reichspost"; Councillor of State ->
Religious parchment pictures of th 16th to 18th century

Onisifor Ghibu Cluj, Professor, University of Cluj ->
Curiosities bibliographic and manuscripts

Walery Goetel, Ordinary Professor of Geology, Mining Academy of Cracow ->
Geological collections from all over the world

Bohumil Hradecny, Artistic painter ->

Boleslaw Hryniewiecki, Doctor of Botany; Professor of University; Director of Botanic Garden of University of Warsaw ->
Plants (herbary) and botanic books

Jerzy de Hulewicz, Author, painter, agriculturer ->
Old editions of the Bible

Jan Husek, Professor ->
Slavic national art embroidery costumes etc.

Tadas Ivanauskas, Professor ->
Birds singing birds reptils and insects

Marcel Jankovics, Lawyer ->
Books medals (biggest Collection in the world of Garibaldi medals) Kossuth portraits

Antoine Jean Boguslawwski, Boguslawwski,Man of lettrers, commander retired, Landed Proprietor ->
Books with dedications

Roman Jirman, Author; and journalist ->
Postage stamps and books

M. Jovan Jovanovic, Architect ->
Ceramics works and photos of Slovakian Folksart

Mark Kakarriqi, Merchant; President of the chamber of commerce ->
Medieval paintings owns pictures of Rembrandt Romanini, van Ostade, etc.

Rezsö Kemény, Journalist ->
Antiquities and folklore

Stanislaw Kot, Professor of history of civilisation at the University of Cracow ->
Owns a private library of books relative to the history of civilisation

Ludvik Kuba, Painter, writer on musicology. man of letters ->
the songs of people in all Slav countries

Alexander Count Kulmer zum Rosenpichl und Hohenstein, Great Land Porprietor, Maltese Kinight ->
Old scales and pedigrees

Franz Langenberg, Director of the Czech Secondary School of the Association "Komensky" in Vienna; and Inspector of Schools (retired) ->
Postage stamps and documents relative to the families Langenberg Langenburg Lengenberg, Lamberg

Aladár Laszlo, Manufacturer ->
Antiquities and china

Geworg Litscheff, Former Bulgarian Consul ->
Old carpets and paintings owner of the only private picture gallery of Bulgaria; rich collection of China from the period of the Mink Dinasty; collection of about 100 old French and English engravings

Wincenty Lutoslawski, Novelist and publicist ->
Radical papers

John Count Mikes, Right Reverand, Bishop ->
Pictures and furnitures of the XVIIIth century

Adam von Nechay, Chief-Editor of Gazeta Poranna in Lwów
Publications relative to the Ukraine to the communism especially the political history of East-Galicia

Georges Nedici, Professor of law, Professor of game and fishing law ->
Hunting trophies owns one of the most beautiful collections of Europe

Jon Pelivan, City Councillor; Minister; Advocate ->
Old manuscripts of history

Josef Pirner, Professor of Music Academy for Slovakia ->

Václav Popelka, Commander, retired ->
Signatures handwritings

Georges Prince Greciano, Greciano,Professor and director of Zoological Institute ->
Butterflies (Le pidoptera)

Zenon (penname: Miriam) Przesmycki, Poet, essayist, critic of art and literature ->
And searcher of all traces (works documents letters, etc.) concerning Cyprian Norwid (who lived in Paris 1849-1883), Hoene-Wronski in France 1801-1803, in London 1820-1822

Kazimierz Teofil Purwin, Actor ->
Books and postage stamps

Nikolems Rotta, Royal Albanian Consul in Vienna ->
Albanian Proverbs and Sayings

Bohuslav Sida, Director of Town-Library ->
Socialistic literature

Artur Sliwinski, Historian, man of letters ->
A library containing 3.000 works in connection with wars and insurrections for the Polish independence

Milivoj Stojan Stanojevic, Author and educator ->
Rare books pictures and documents

Frederic Storck, Sculptor; Professor Academy of Fine Arts ->
Money and medals

Major Szapira, Rabbi and rector ->
He has more than 12.000 volumes on talmudic sciences

Georg B. Szveteney de Nagy-Ohay, Artistic painter; Colonel in reserve; astrologer ->

Frantisek Tichy, Writer ->
Old prints (medieval mystic)

Adomas Varnas, Painter (portraits, landscapes, caricatures) ->
More than 1.000 photos of typical Lithuanian crosses which he made himself visiting various corners of the country

Djafer Ypi, Chief Inspector of the Royal Court ->