Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Haim Farchy, Chemist, Sofia ->
is president of the Central "Consistory" of Jews of Bulgaria and of the Zionist Organization in Sofia. He participates actively in the political and economical life in the country and in National Jewish life in connection with Zionist movement.

Nathan Michael Gelber, Author, Vienna ->
After finishing studies in Jewish Historiography he became active in the Zionist Movement. He is the founder of the Austrian Pro-Palestine Committee and is the editor of various newspapers and periodicals.

J.W. Latziky-Bertoldi, Chief-Editor of the Newspaper "Frimorgn", Riga ->
is the founder of the Zionistic Socialistic Party in Russia in 1904. He has made trips to South America by order of the Jewish Relief Organization and as a member of the League of Nations for the relief of emigrants.