Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Organizations and Clubs

Assim Kokotlija Abdurahman, wholesale dealer of chemicals ->
Member and Director of the Royal Albanian Auto Club

Maxime (Tagansky) Agapoff, Professor Criminology at the University of Belgrade ->
"Cooperatia" society which had almost 3000,000 members; also member of the Moscow branch of this society with almost 22,000 members; member of general council of "Krimspo" (Union of Cooperatives in the Crimeé) and now president of the Russian Society of Fine Arts in Belgrade

Alexander Albrecht, Director of Musical Studies, University of Bratislava ->
Czech and Hungarian Masaryk Academy for Science, Art and Literature

Nicola Alexiev, General Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Sofia, Bulgaria; Pan Bulgarian Alliance for Handicapped People ->

Janko Alexy, Artist, Painter, Writer ->
Association of Slovakian Painters

Alexander Andrássy de Csik-Szentkiraly and Krasznahorka, Count, Actual Privy Council Great Landed Proprietor ->
National Hungarian Casino and Jockey Club

Franz Andres, Lawyer
German-Swabian People's Council in Trannsylvannia (Siebenburgen)

Jindrich Andrial, Council General of Czechoslovakia in Frankfurt-Am-Main ->
Slavic Institute in Prague

Jenö Antal, Violinist ->
Beethoven Association, New York

Alfred Arnold, General Manager of the Ajkai Coal Mines Stock Company ->
Polo Club, All Peoples Association

Joachim Aszkenazy, lawyer ->
Bnai Brith

Xenia Atanassievitsch, Lecturer at Belgrade University ->
Belgrade Pen Club

Paul von Auer de Alsóterény, Lawyer,Publicist ->
President of the Hungarian Branch of the Pan-European Union; President of the Permanent Committee for the Economic Collaboration of the Danubian States

Jan Auerhan, Instructor, Charles University, Prague ->
Society for Research of Minority Questions

Charles Badecki, Director of the City Archives, Lwów ->
during the war a member of the Austrian Committee for the Conservation of Ancient Monuments of Art

Velimir Bajkitch, University Professor; Under-Secretary of State (retired) ->
Social Political Club

Anton Balla, Historian ->
Party of Small Farmers

Ignatius Balla, writer, journalist, ->
Italian Fascist Movement

Contantin Barascki, sculpture ->
Romanian Plastic Association

Ilie Barbulescu, Professor ->
Peoples Party, Rumanian Academy of Sciences, Royal Serbian Academy, Royal Czechoslovak Association

Karl Frhr. von Bardolff, retired general ->
Chairman of the Deutcher Volksrat, and of the Verband der Völkischen Vereine in Österreich

Karl Barons, Medical Doctor ->
Association of Latvian Dentists

Gustav, Ritter von Bartels, Major General ->
"Ost- Offiziers Verband"; "Fronkämpfer Vereinigung"

Jaroslav Bartoschek, Engineer ->
of about 70 civic clubs and associations

Otakar Bas, Lawyer ->
Gesellschaft zur Bekämpfung der Geschlechtskrankheiten

Alexandre, Emmanuel Batek, Professor ->
Honorary member of the Vegetarian and Anti-Nicotine Club, the Masonic Order

Ladislaus von Bekeffi, Author; Actor ->
Vice President Mark Twain-Society for Hungary

Jaroslav Benda, Painter; Professor of State Arts and Craft School ->
German Book-Artists Leipzig

Maximilian Benies, Industrialist ->
Vice-President of Czechoslovakian Club of Gentlemen Riders

Démètre Beratti, Minister Plenipotentiary; General Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs ->
The Albanian National Congress which proclaimed the Independence of the country in Valona (1912)

Anna Berkovcova, Professor, ->
Founder of the organization of Bohemian Girl Scouts; together with Mrs. Ruzena Pelantova founded the Association of Czechoslovakian Housewives

Marthe (Her Serene Highness) Princess Bibesco, Writer ->
Rumanian Royal Aeronautic Club, founding member

Alfreds Bilmanis, Latvian Minister to the U.S.S.R ->
Rotary Club; Mark Twain Society

Johann Bodo von Diosad, Royal Hungarian Chief Economical Councillor ->
Association of Small Communities

Stefan Bogdan, Professor, Pharmacological Faculty, Brasov, Rumania ->
President of Society "Solinoritatea"

Wilhelm Borowicz, Engineer, Professor of Technical University in Lwów ->
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

Felicie Bortkiewicz, Responsible editor of the newspaper "Lietuvos Zinios" ->
Society for the youth, etc.

Stefan Boskovics, Military Surveyor ->
Numerous scientific societies in Belgrade, Skoplje, Berlin, Poznán, Lwów, etc.; Russo-Servian Club in Belgrade

Joseph Bradac, Secretary of Young Men's Christian Association ->
Young Men's Christian Association and Not-smoker's League

Philipp Franz Bresnitz von Sydakoff, Author ->
President "Groß-Österreich-Union"

Nicolas Callogeropoulos, Director of Fine Arts and Literature; Minister of Public Instruction ->
All Parnassus Clubs, of Byzantine Studies

Thomas Capek, Lawyer, Banker ->
Member National Slavonic Society of America

Adolf Chaloupka, Chief Commissioner in the Ministry for School-Affairs and Popular Culture ->
Masaryk's Scholastic Institute; Free Peasants' Association of Theatre-Amateurs; Czechoslovak Tourists' Club; Czech Association for Chamber Music

George Chelmis, Director of the Theatre Cotopouli ->
Auto Club of Athens; Atelier of Artists in Claire, Egypt

Emanuel Chobot, Director of the Cooperative Society "Gec" ->
Chairman of the Polish Cooperative Society in East Silesia, Vice-President Czech-Polish Club in Moravska Ostrava; Polish Co-operative Society in East Silesia

Otokar Cila, Academic painter ->
Sokol and Legionary Association

Hélène d'Abancourt de Franqueville, author, librarian ->
Society of East of Poland; Friends of France, Friends of Yugoslavia; Friends of Animals

Bosko Desnica, Lawyer and Historian ->
Radical Party; of several Yugoslavian academies; Delegate of the Office for the Conservation of antique monuments in Northern Dalmatia

Antoni Dobrowaolski, Director retired of the Polish Central Meteorological Institute, Professor of free Polish University in Warsaw ->
The International Commission of Clouds

Mayer Ebner, Advocate, publicist ->
Jewish Parliamental Club

Ladislas Ecséry de Nagyecser, Bank Man, landowner ->
Count Tisza Club; Hungarian National Alliance; Alliance of front-life combatants

Helmi Einer, Opera-singer (lyric-dramatical soprano) and singing teacher of Estonian Conservatory in Tallinn ->
Society Academical Music Union and Union for the propagation of music and dramatical art, fire-brigade union, member of Women's union for the protection of home

Jehudo Epstein, Professor, Academic painter ->
Genossenschaft der bildenden Künstler Wiens

Casimir Fabrycy, Officer in active service; First Under Secretary of State with the Ministry of Military Affairs ->
President of Polish Hunting Council and president of Military Hunting Council; president of Fencing Society

David Feuchtwang, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Vienna ->
Vorderasiatische Gesellschaft; Gesellschaft für jüdische Literatur und Wissenschaft

Viliam Figus-Bystry, Teacher of Music at the Teacher`s Training School, organist of protestant church music ->
Association of Slovakian Artists

Viktor Fischmeister, Doctor of Law Aulic Councillor, Commercial Councillor, Director ->
the Committee for the "Protection of Austrian Property in the Countries of the former Enemies"

Antonin Frinta, Lecturer at the Charles University and Dramatical School ->
Since 1912 member of the Council of the International Phonetic Association, Vice-President of the Blahoslav Society for the history of the Czech Reformation, member of the Slavonic Institute in Prague

Simon Fuerstenberg, General Director of Zinc-Industry A.G. in Bedzin ->
"Zionistic Agency"

Friedrich Funder, Chief-Editor of the "Reichspost"; Councillor of State ->
Department for organizing international congresses for cooperative order

Józef Galuszka, Poet; editor of "Gazeta Literacka" ->
Writer's Union "Zwiazek Zawodowy Literatów Polskich w Krakowie"

Nathan Michael Gelber, Author ->
Historische Kommission der Wiener Jüdischen Gemeinde und des Jüdischen Wissenschaftlichen Instituts

Tihomir Georgewitsch, Professor, University of Belgrade ->
Gipsy Lore Society in London

Onisifor Ghibu Cluj, Professor, University of Cluj ->
Rumanian Council of World Association for the rapproachment of people by the church

Milan Glavinic, General Secretary High Council of Public Instruction; Pedagogical School in Belgrade ->
member of various committees of cultural and philanthropic societies, President of the oldest Gymnastic Society Sokol in Belgrade

Wysocki, von Anton Godziemba, Writer, Theater Manager ->
Pen Club of "Schriftseller-und- Journalisten-Verein, Warsaw

Walery Goetel, Ordinary Professor of Geology, Mining Academy of Cracow ->
Tourist Union of Polish Tatra Association

Ernst Goldschmied, Industrialist ->
Committee member of all important professional organizations

Gordon Gordon-Smith, Military Attaché, Yugoslavian Legation in Washington ->
Rotary, Army and Navy Club, Anglo-American Press Association

Thadeus Grabowski, Minister Plenipotentiary ->
Polish Bulgarian Society in Sofia and Warsaw, honorable member of Polish Brazil Society in Warsaw and Rio de Janeiro

Georges, Prince Greciano, Honorable Secretary General of the Literary and Artistic Institute of France, ->
World's Alliance against anti-semitism

Charles Guttmann, Manager of Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Radius Metro-Palace ->
film club

Anna (penname: Haava) Haavakivi, Estonian writer ->
Honorable member of the Women's Union; member and honorable member of the Estonian Union; member of the Estonian National Museum; member of scientific Estonian Society

Francis Hanaman, Professor, University of Zagreb, Doctor of Engineering ->
Verein deutscher Eisenhüttenleute

Zsolt de Harsányi, Writer ->
President of the Budapest Protestant Church

Frantisek Josef Havelka, Secretary Councillor, Ministry of Commerce ->
Esperanto Institute, Prague

Bohumil Hradecny, Artistic painter ->
Czech and Dutch Ex-libris Societies

Bronislaw Huberman, Violinist ->
Paneuropean Union

Gustav Huttig, Professor
Associate of German Chemists where he delivered lectures on the active condition of material

Athanas Ilieff, Writer ->
Philosophical Society; member of Writers Union

Jon Inculetz, Professor, Minister of Interior ->
Soviet of Petrograd

Tadas Ivanauskas, Professor ->
Deutsche Lemnologische Gesellschaft

Thaddée Jackowski, Dr. phil, Polish Minister in Brussels and Luxemburg ->
"Cercle des chasseurs", Warsaw

Henryk Jarczyk, Doctor for Interior diseases ->
Union of Poland physicians in Silesia

Frantisek Jarnos, Director of Railway Ministry; and Writer ->
Czech Writer's Union "Máj"; of the literary Society "Jaroslav Vrchlic"; of the Czech Gymnastic Association "Sokol"

Rajmund Jarosz, President of the city of Drhobycz; owner of the health resort "Truskawiec" ->
Shooting Organization of Drohobycz

Tytus Jarzyna, Director of Post-Office in Craców ->
Association for training of children

Bogumil Jasinowski, Professor ->
Scientific Society of Warsaw

Ján Jesensky, Lawyer, Vice-President of the Slovakian Province Chamber in Bratislava ->
President of Association of Slovakian Writers in Bratislava

Roman Jirman, Author; and journalist ->
Stände-Reform in Prague

Nicolae Jonescu-Desandre, Assistant director of civil aviation ->
Royal Aero-Club of Rumania; Society of friends of U.S.A.

Gustav Jungbauer, Professor ->
Chief of the "Beiträge zur sudetendeutschen Volkskunde"

Josef Jungwirth, Artist, painter ->
Wiener Künstlergenossenschaft; and Club "Alte Welt"

Dusan Jurkovic, Architect ->
Masaryk Association and ordinary member of Czech Academy for Art and Science; of the Slovakian Artist Organization Umelecka Beseda Slovenska

Ottokar Kadic, Professor; Chief Geological Investigator of Caverns ->
Honorable member of Society of Deutsche Höhlenforscher

Janie Kalatz, Senator with the Latvian Senate (high court of justice) ->
Society of Latvian Judges; member and Vice President of the Latvian Red Cross

Hedi Katz-Korngold, Violinist; Director Music School Henry St. Settlement, New York City ->
Committee International Exchange Concerts; Secretary of International Exchange Music Library

Georges Kerekov, Journalistic Chief of Bulgarian Telegraphic Angency ->
Union of Foreign Correspondents in Bulgaria (Vice President); Press Association of Bulgaria (Vice President)

Bronislawa Keuprulian-Wojcik, Musicologist ->
Polskie Towarzystwo Orjentalistyczne

Ulrich Ferdinand Adolf Antonius Bonventura Maria Kinsky of Wehinitz and Pettau, Prince; landowner
Royal Austrian Club London; Bath Club London; Jockey Club Vienna; Austrian Autonom Club Vienna; Riding and Polo Club Vienna; Pan-European Union; President of Austrian Aero Club; Austrian Racing and Champagne riding Club; Vienna Racing Club; Vienna Riding Union; Vice President Austrian Autonom Club

Karl Klein, Director of University Library; lecturer for German Language and Literature, ->
Committee member of the "Verein für siebenbürgische Landeskunde"; of the German Academy Munich

Stanislav Klima, Head of Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ->
Masarykova Akademie práce; Czech Society for the study of Nationalities questions

Vaclav Klofac, Journalist ->
Many associations with cultural and social aims

Stepenas Kolupaida, Professor of University of Vytautas the Great in Kaunas ->
the World Power Conference, the Baltic Geodatical Commission; international Baltic and Russian hydrological congresses

Karel Konvalinka, Author; composer ->
Progressive Party; singing club "Smetana" in Neustadt, Moravia, 1915-1932

Henri Koral, Professor of penal law ->
In Paris of the Commission elaborating the project of the Polish law of guilty childhood

George Koulisheff, Editor in chief of the daily newspaper "Novi Dni" (New Days), published by the Direction of Renovation ->
The Association of Sofia journalists of the Bulgarian League for men's and citizen's rights

Julius Kun von Szentpétér, Municipal Councillor
National Gymnastic Club in Budapest

Charles Kuusik, Consul of Estonia at New York; Acting Consul General in charge of Estonian Legation ->
New York Estonian Club

Franz Langenberg, Director of the Czech Secondary School of the Association "Komensky" in Vienna; and Inspector of Schools (retired) ->
Internatia esperanto museo ve Vidni, Sokol, Komensky

Konstantinas Lapinas, Director of the Test Art Institute ->
The Socialists for the reconquering of Wilno; cashier of the Iron-Funds of the same Society; member of the Little-Russian and of other associations

Philip Alexaius Laszlo de Lombos, Ennobled 1912 (hereditary) by Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary; ->
Clubs: Arts, Burlington, Fine Arts, England

Francois Leja, Professor of Polytechnical School ->
The Polish Society of Mathematicians

Theodor Liebieg, Manufacturer ->
The board of directors of the following concerns: Duxer Kohlengesellschaft auf Aktien, Teplitz; Mildenauer Kammgarnspinnerei Anton Richters Söhne, Mildenau; Österreichische Siemens-Schuckert Werke, Vienna

Attoma Lorusso, Journalist ->
Fascist Syndicate of Journalists

Jerzy (George) Loth, Professor Economic Geography ->
The Geographical Society of Mexico

Ján Máchal, Professor, Charles University Prague, retired ->
Czech Academy of the Slavistic Institute; of the Royal Scientific Association of Sciences; of the Russian Scientific Academy at Leningrad

Julius Mägiste, Ordinary Professor of the West-Finnish languages, University of Tartu ->
"Society for the Study of the Mother-tongue"

Katie Malecka, Musician; and journalist ->
Society for the cultivation of old music

Francesco Mameli, Minister of Italy in Riga ->
Sport Club

Marko Markovic, Author ->
"Prosveta", a Serbian cultural organization

Juliusz Nagorski, Architect; painter ->
Military Yacht Club

Otto Neurath, Director Mundaneum Institute the Hague; and International Foundation of Visual Education (IVE) in the Hague ->
Organizing Committee of International Congresses for the Unity of Science

Dimitri Nicoloff, Ex-director of Works, publicist ->
President of National Association for the struggle against accidents while working

Franz von Papen, Politician ->
Franco-German Study Committee and various agricultural organizations

Piotr Perkowski, Musician, composer ->
Association of Young Polish Musicians (President); Society for the Exchange of Art and Literature between France and Poland

Coriolan Petranu, Professor of History of Art ->
The cultural association "Astra", section for artistic correspondence; member of Rumanian Numismat. Society; member of Association for the domestic culture

Jon (Jean) Pillat, Vice President of the Society of men of letters of Rumania; Vice-President of the Rumanian Chamber of Authors; deputy ->
Entente balkanique

Kazimierz Teofil Purwin, Editor ->
Organizer of the Polish Pommeranian and Polish American Editor's Unions

Emanuel Rádl, Professor of Philosophy ->
Honorable Chairman of the Czechoslovakian Section of the League against Anti-semitism; President, W.M.C.A. in Prague

Janina Reichert, Lady sculptor ->
"Zwiazek Plastykow", Lwów, Union of sculptors, painters, and of Union of Professional Sculptors in Warsaw

Husrew Bey Ridvanbeyaglu, Ambassador of Turkey in Teheran ->
Nemzeti Club, Budapest; Union Club, Sofia; Iran Club, Teheran; Golf Club, Sulaymanile of Teheran

Milos Ruppeldt, Professor of Music Academy; Chief of the Music Section of the Radio station Bratislava; Conductor of Choir Association of Slovak Teachers ->
Slovakian Mattica; of the Association of Slovakian Legionaries; of Slovakian Volunteers; honorable President of Association of Slovakian Volunteers 1918-1919; Slovakian Mattica; of the Association of Slovakian Legionaries; of Slovakian Volunteers; honorable President of Association of Slovakian Volunteers 1918-1919

Vladislav Savic, Retired diplomat ->
The Committee of Friends of Great Britain and America

Paul Schiemann, Writer, politician ->
Chairman of the Latvian Democratic Party; member of Pen Club, of Latvia; League of National Union; International Law Association

Alois Prince Schönburg-Hartenstein, General Colonel; Minister for National Defense, retired; Austrian Councillor of State since November 1934 ->
Union of Catholic Noblemen

Hans Schürff, Doctor of Law; Austrian Minister, retired ->
Deutscher Klub, Wiener Cercle

Carl Springer, Professor of Orthopedy; Surgeon; Orthopedist ->
German Society for Surgery

Maciej Feliks Cyprian von Szukiewicz, Custos National Museum Cracow; art historian and writer, composer of dramatic works, lyrics and essayist ->
Polish Writers Association

Leon Tannenbaum, Advocate; Vice-President of the city of Drohobycz ->

Alexander Tansman, Composer ->
Honorable of the Pro Musica Society of New York; Society of Polish Music in Paris; Chopin Society of Spain

Louis Vacátko, Painter and sculptor ->
Secession, Munich

Alfred Vitols, Professor ->
President of the Union of Engineers for the Building of Roads

Marie Bianka Joanne Countess Wielopolska, Writer and journalist ->
Syndicate of journalists in Warsaw; member of the Military Family; of Society Friends of animals; of Society of antivivisectionists

Streten Yakshich (Jaksic), Publicist, Chief of the Bureau for Labourer's Insurance ->
Yugoslavian Publicist's Association

Heinrich Zech, Director General of the Koh-i-noor Lead Pencil Factory
Surveying Board of Bohemian Escomptebank and Credit Institute,Prague; of Castell-Bleistiftfabrik A.W. Faber, A.G., Nürnberg; Bleistiftfabrik vorm. Joh. Faber A.G., Nürnberg; of S.A. Koh-i-noor L. & C. Hardtmuth, Sibiu; Rumanian Lead Pencil Factory, Sibiu; Polska fabryka Olówków L.i C. Hardtmuth-Lechistan A.G., Cracow

Louis Zeyfert, Vice Director of the Polish Air Lines "Lot" ->
Polish Aero Club

Senjié Zogu, Royal Princess ->
President of the Albanian Red Cross; Albanian Women's Club