Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Boris D. Angheloff, Sofia ->
conceived the project of irrigations of the plain of the river Mariza, amounting to 120,000 hectares and also the drainage project of the great Danubian lakes of the Black Sea and of some lakes in central Bulgaria. He obtained by this work a good farming surface.

Livius Faur, Timisoara ->
In 1912 he was an engineer for the water line in Satu Mare, Rumania

Iwan Iwanow, Sofia ->
is the Director of construction office of the water supply office of the city of Sofia.

Alois Musil, Smeanovo nàm. ->
In 1914 and 1915 he completed reconnaissance surveys of the lower course of the river Tartar in the interior of Mesopotamia, the left bank of middle Euphrates and of the Chalybonitis of Ptolemy.

George Popesco, Bucharest ->
participated in the construction of the greatest hydraulic works in Rumania, the Danube harbour and the harbour of Constanza as director and general director of harbours and water communication and roads.

Constantin M. Vasilesco, Bucharest ->
has constructed the water alimentation of Bucharest.

Assimbeg Mutevelic, Sarajevo ->
Upon his initiative there were created modern schools, hydraulics, canalization, popular boarding and baths.

Dimitrije Petrovic, Osijek ->
was employed with the firm David Grove, Berlin, engineer for hydraulics and canalization 1906-1909.

Jean Vardala, Bucharest ->
His first employment was with construction of the harbour of Constantin, then with the works of amelioration for Danube navigation and of the harbors of Romania.

Eduard Zika, Prague
worked for more than 30 years on the canalization of Prague. As Chairman of the Canalization-Department he completed the sewer-net of Prague and built more than 300 km of canals. He worked on the construction-program up to 1930. For the cleaning of sewage of the city of Prague he revised the obsolete project of the Central-Clearing Plant of 1925.