Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Camille, Vitéz Aggházy, Budapest ->
founded the Royal Hungarian War Museum in 1918 Corresponding intensively with all war museums of the world!

Janko Alexy, Piestany ->
is a professor of drawing for little children; some of the childrens' pictures were bought by the Bratislava Museum.

Josef Anders, Böhmisch-Leipa ->
is the manager of the Sudeten-German Natural Science Museum.

Antony Benaki, Odos Lykiou ->
donated to Greece the Benaki Museum which he founded and which contains all his art collections.

Ivan Bojadschiew, Sofia ->
Paintings of him are in the National Museum at Sofia.

Bosko Desnica, Obrovac ->
is the custodian and director of the Archeological Museum in Obrovac.

Hugo Iltis, Brno ->
is the founder and Custodian of the Mendel Museum in Brno.

Heinrich Janotta, Stiebrowitz near Troppau ->
is the president of the Curatorium of Emperor Francis-Joseph Museum at Troppau.

Milan Karanovic, Sarajevo ->
is the director of County Museum, Sarajevo (Chief of the Ethnological Section).

Juliusz Nagorski, Warsaw ->
The Museum and Library of Count Krasinski in Warsaw, "Maison Koscielski" is at present the embassy of United States of America in Warsaw.

Georges Nedici, Bucharest ->
founded the National Hunting Museum in Bucharest.