Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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German Minorities

Hanns Anderle, Krems on Donau, Czechoslovakia ->
won the Czechoslovak State Prize for German Poets in 1928.

Franz Heller, post Bohemia-Leipa Czechoslovakia ->
Since fall of 1917 he is involved in preliminary work for the creation of a political party of the German rural population. He founded in 1918 a "Union of Farmers" at B. Leipa.

Friedrich Jaksch, Czechoslovakia ->
founded 1923 the National Library for the Germans in Czechoslovakia, of which he is director.

Karl Klein, Jassy, Romania ->
is the editor of the Transsylvanian Quarterly and is the author of several books and many treatises on German literature and Transsylvanian Cultural History.

Egon Koch, Talinn, Estonia ->
is the Director of the Bank Hoeppner & Co., the Harju-Bank and the Estonia Commerce and Industry Bank. He belongs to the German Baltic Party.

Paul Schiemann, Ortmann, Lower Austria ->
From 1914-1918 he was the Russian officer in the War. He was in 1915 wounded. In 1919 he became Chief Editor of the "Riga Rundschau". From 1920 to 1923 he was in the Latvian Parliament and he is Chairman of the Minorities Party. From 1925 up to now he is a representative of the German Minorities of Europe of the Congress of Nations. Early in 1933 he suffered from tuberculosis and he lives for his recovery in Austria.

Hans Schmid, Graz, Austria ->
organized the return of the German teachers out of the ceded former Austrian districts.

Axel de Vries, Reval (Tallinn), Estonia ->
was the leader of the German Town Council fraction in Reval (Tallinn) (1923/24); was deputy in the Estonian Parliament (1924-1926); and from 1924 to 1932 he was chairman of the "Deutsche Baltische Partei". He is a representative of the German Nationalities to various congresses.