Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Georges Cantacuzene, General in reserve, interim commander of political party "La Garde de fer" (the Iron Guard), Bucharest ->
is director of hospitals in Bucharest and is General Director of a Cement factory in Braila. He was interned by the liberal government in his capacity as interim commander of the political party "La garde de fer" (The Iron Guard) after the attempt on the life of Premier Minister Jean Duca. His illegal confinement was provoked by the fear which he caused to the members of the government because of his political activity.

Neagoe Flondor, Landed Proprietor, Storojinet ->
was imprisoned for 68 days as a member of the political party "La Garde de Fer" (Iron Guard) after the assassination of Prime Minister Duca.

Attoma Lorusso, Journalist, Tirana ->
is a correspondent for the Balkans of different News Agencies and newspapers; both Italian and foreign. He is the Director in Tirana of the Italo-Oriental Chamber of Commerce and is an Honorary Delegate for Albania of the Levant Fair in Bari. He is also the Secretary of the Committee for Albania of the Dante Alighieri Society and is a member of the Executive Committee of the "Fascio" of Tirana.

Franz von Papen, Politician, Vienna ->
Military Attaché in Mexico and Washington 1914-1916; Lieutenant Colonel and Chief of Staff 4th Turkish Army 1917; Chamberlain to the Pope and member of the Zentrum Party in Prussian Diet, 1921-1928; resigned from the Zentrum and was commissioned by President Hindenburg to form a non-Party-Cabinet 1932; while Chancellor he dismissed the Socialistic Cabinet of Prussia and became Reich Commissioner for Prussia in 1932; Vice-Chancellor in Hitler-Cabinet in 1933 and Commissioner for Prussia in January-April 1933. He negotiated the Concordat with Vatican in July 1933.

Alexander Stalysky, Advocate, Sofia ->
Since 1931 he is the head of the Bulgarian Fascist Party and general secretary of the Bulgarian Confederation of Brain Workers.

A. Valdemaras, Politician; writer, ? ->
was the first Prime Minister of the Lithuanian Republic in 1918 and was Minister of Foreign Affairs in various cabinets until 1926 when he again became Prime Minister until 1929. He was supported by the "Iron Wolf", a fascist organization, which was prohibited after his resignation.