Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Louise Dobrzynska-Rybicka, (age 48) ->
took an active part in the movement of independence which started in German Poland.

Slavko Grujic, (age 45) ->
returned from Italy to Albania as Delegate of the Serbian Government, and organized the evacuation of several thousands of Serbian refugees (women and children).

Dénes Györgyi, (age 50) ->
has been entrusted with the artistic decoration of the street where the coronation ceremonies of King Charles IV. took place.

Paul Jakubenas, (age 45) ->
was offered a position with the theological faculty in Tartu, which he did not accept.

Agathon Lüdig, (age 19) ->
was an actor in Moscow.

Marko Markovic, (age 20) ->
served in the Serbian army.

Miecislas Niedrialkowski, (age 23) ->
was in prison in Germany.

Leonidas Paraskevopoulos, (age 55) ->
was general of a division.

Petar Perunovic-Perun, (age 27) ->
organized a volunteer army out of the Yugoslavs living in U.S.A.

Kazimierz Teofil Purwin, (age 26) ->
was put in jail for 10 weeks in Prussia in Ostrov, Voivodship Poznan.

Kazys Skirpa, (age 21) ->
became Officer of the Russian Imperial army in March.

Spyros Travlos, (age 22) ->
became captain in the army.

Petar Zivkovic, (age 37) ->
became commander of the Royal Guards.