Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Stanislaw Jurkiewicz, Notary; delegate notary of the Polish Government to the Administration Council of the International Bureau of Work ->
worked in Moscow in the Polish socialistic organization and with the Committee of Liquidation of the Affairs of the Old Polish Kingdom.

Kamil Krofta, Secretary General of the Minister of Foreign Affairs ->
From 1899 to 1901 he did important research work for the Executive Committee of the Lands of the Bohemian Kingdom in the archives of the Vatican in regard to sources of Bohemian history of the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Alexandre Malinoff, Advocate ->
On September 3, 1908, he proclaimed Bulgarian independence and erected out of the principality of Bulgaria the Kingdom.

Max Zavesky, Head-Manager of the Zemská banka (formerly Royal Bank of Bohemia) ->
After practicing at a court and at a law office for several years he became chamber stenographer for the Diet of the Kingdom of Bohemia.

Petar Zivkovic, Royal Yugoslavian Minister of War; General in the army; Commander of the Royal Guards ->
was successful to calm the people and to prepare the territory for a new political direction adequate to the new conditions which were brought along through the uniting of Yugoslavian populations in the Yugoslavian Kingdom.