Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Sigmund Aranyi, Trecianske Teplice
He is the founder of the Liget Park Sanitorium in Budapest, the Grand Sanitorium in Bratislava; and the Workmen's Sanitorium in Mehadia. He reorganized the Sanitorium in Tresianske Teplice.

Joachim Aszkenazy, Kolomyja, ->
He is President of the Eggs-Exporters of Little Poland in Lwów and of the Jewish Orphan Asylum in Kolomyja.

Karl Barons, Riga ->
He was in charge of a field hospital during the World War and of a Dental Institute after the World War.

Jan Basho, Tirana
I have rendered medical service to His Majesty King Zogu the first of Albania and I am his personal physician.

Basil Basiota, Cluj
He is in continual intercourse with the Rockefeller Family and has founded sanitoriums all over Romania.

Antony Benaki, Odos Lykiou ->
His father founded and endowed a girl's orphanage and the soupkitchens in Egypt.

Ivan Bojadschiew, Sofia
As an architect he has built all the hospitals and sanitoriums. Paintings by him are in the National Museum at Sofia.

Jean Borgovan, Bucharest ->
He is a composer (especially of Rumanian songs). As a physician he specializes in internal diseases and diseases of the skin. He is the medical director of the Baths of Borsec- the finest balneological station of the Carpathians.

Hélène d'Abancourt de Franqueville, Cracow ->
During the war she worked in many organizations and nursed the wounded ones.

Grégoire Graur, Bucharest and Karlsbad ->
He is the balneologic physician in Karlsbad during the summer.

Sami bey Gunsberg, Istanboul ->
He rendered medical assistance to the soldiers of the Austro Hungarian and German army during the Balkan and World War and he established the first military dentist's ambulatories. He is Ex-Chief Dentist of Sultan Abdul Hamid, of Sultan Ressad, with Sultan Wabdedine, with Kalif AbdulMedjed, and is now dentist of the Turkish Government and of the President Gazi Mustafa Kemal.

Edvard Kalnins, Riga ->
He studied in Berlin and is a Professor for nervous diseases. For five years he was Chief Physician in Russia-Zaratow, one year a director of psychiatr. clinic in Amiun, Siberia; three years a physician in Riga; and five years director of the psychiatric. clinic in Riga. He also worked with "Betania" (Menonite Insane Asylum in Jekaterinoslaw). During the war he was physician in a military hospital in the Caucase.

Jaroslav Kubista, Aussig ->
He was a reporter for Lunatic Asylums from 1926 to 1928, and since 1929 he is financial reporter.

Ants (Laidman) Laipman, Taebla ->
Since 1932 he is living in the country near the bathing-ressort Haafsalu.

Juozas Maciunas, Kaunas
Up to the World War he was a district physician, during the war a military physician, and since 1930 he is the Director of the Health Board in the Ministry of Interior.

Alexander Pajor, Budapest
He travelled all over Europe to study Physical Therapy intitutions. When he returned to Budapest, he founded under his name a sanitorium with 120 beds, furnished with all modern technical and therapeutical conveniences.

Alexander Paldrook, Tartu ->
In 1897 he was ordered as a physician against the plague to the district of Rans-Caucasia. He graduated Doctor of Medicine in 1899 and in 1905 he worked as a military physician in the Russian Japan War in the battles of Schahe and Mukden. He has been consulted as a physician for dermatology by the Estonian army since 1920 and he became General Major in 1921.

Anna Papadopoulo, Rovies Euboae ->
She prefers to stay at her home in Greece, the property of her family for the greater part of the year, so that she comes to Athens only for the festivities for the surveyance of her works. For seven years she worked as nurse in the Greek army, and since 1922 she has worked for the refugees of Aisa-Minor and social work for the poor. From 1926 she has been occupied to collect alms for the erection of a sanitorium in Arcadia from the Greeks in America where she was called "The Greek Florence Nightingale". She collected 52.000 dollars; and 3.500.000 drachmes in Egypt and Greece. Now the money is being collected for a sanitorium in Euboea.

Livius Pop, Cluj ->
He is practicing physician with the Elisabeth Sanitorium for pulmonary diseases in Budakeszi (Budapest).

Václav Popelka, Zizkov, Prague ->
He worked for an improvement in the system of Insane Asylums and for the reform of various civil and penal laws in a progressive and humanistic way.

Paraskew Stoianoff, Sofia ->
He is the founder of the Children Sea Sanitorium in Varna (on the Black Sea), which he initiated together with Tzar Ferdinand of Bulgaria. He has a son and daughter, and he is a prominent teacher and pedagogue for normal children and especially for those whose brain is not fully developed.