Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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Slavism and Pan-Slavism

Ludvik Kuba, Painter, writer on musicology. man of letters, Prague ->
As painter he had much success showing his pictures at international exhibitions in the capitals of European countries. The Government bought his well known collection of pictures representing the Slavonic Lusatia in Germany in today's state. Simultaneously he has been collecting the songs of people in all Slav countries since he was 20 years old and so he may be considered the first expert of this kind all over the world.

Josef Páta, Professor, Prague ->
is personally acquainted with all Slavic countries and languages; is organizer of the Czech Slavonic Organization and Association and has held many public speeches on Slavic matters.

Niko Zupanic, Director of Ethnographical Museum; Minister, retired, Ljubljan ->
As a politician he was also an enemy of demagogy. He considered his life's work to be the realization of the South Slavian idea: to gather the South Slavian population culturally and politically.