Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933

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The Performance Opera

"Who's Who In Central & East Europe 1933" was originally realized as a "Hypertext Opera" in co-production of the "Inventionen '91", the Berliner Artist Program of the DAAD, and the Wiener Fest Wochen. The world premiere, which took place on February 13, 1991 in Kino Babylon in East Berlin, has been followed by performances throughout Eastern and Central Europe.


"T: Files out of the Great and Small Archive" was first shown at the Ozwei Gallery, Berlin in 1993. The "Great Archive" has recently been shown at the Jewish Museum in Vienna.

The Interactive-Performance-Installation

"Memory Arena" has been realized in 1995 in Hamburg, Germany at Kampnagel Kulturfabrik and in Munich at the Marstall/Bavarian State Theater as part of the Spiel.Art Theater Festival. In 1996 it has taken place at the Arken Museum of Modern Art as part of Copenhagen 96 Culural Capital of Europe.


"Who's Who In Central & East Europe 1933, A Journey in the Text", was published by Janus Press Berlin in 1995.